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  1. This video is very eye opening. How can these African people smile, when in their own nation, they have nothing, while the Europeans have everything and have used the African people's land and resources to enrich themselves. Another thing that I take issue w/ is the notion that a European is "South African," merely because they are born in South Africa. Try telling a Russian that an African is Russian, merely because they are born in Russia!
    Africans don't get treated well in other parts of the world; therefore, it's so strange to see how accommodating they are to foreigners.

  2. I'm surprised to see a white guy talking about the positive things about South Africa instead of showing all the negative things. You are one of the few white person who should always be welcome in South Africa.

  3. I really want to go in July but keep reading about how dangerous it is now with regular muggings, car jackings and murders. I know no where is 100% safe, but the reports seem so over the top and frequent.

  4. Imagine Malaysia still called themselves south Africans… seems south Africa government not serious about immigration, very stupid government, d government is creating a heavily multi racial country, basterd

  5. nice video mate!!!! I will be in cape town for 7days next month… do you advise to rent a car?????? or rely on uber or public transport???……. im planning to do hop in hop off for two days, and 5days will rent a car to go out of city limits to take time and explore unbeaten paths and beach.. what will your best advise??? Uber? Rental car ? …Thanks in advance!!! keep the great work

  6. I love this City. I spent a month there and what an amazing experience. It has gotten so much bad press over the years for it crime but as long as you’re not stupid and don’t go where you’re not supposed to go you can’t go wrong. I never felt unsafe whiles there. I felt more unsafe in places in the US and even some parts of London then what I did there. The food and the scenery is out of this world. And I had met some wonderful people. Quay 4 at the waterfront is a must. Sipping on Cold castle beer and a steak with live music in the background.

  7. So you couldn’t find any well settled or well off Africans????? The natives to the country no business men that happend to actually be black Africans just white immigrants who have no right being in the country fuking joke this is why I stick to more ethnic travel vlog shows as they show more diversity and don’t have it as the constant white power movement bullshit I suggest next time if you go to black man country you show the actual affluent black people as there are many in South Africa same way you would and have In other videos over wise don’t even go and document these places the whites have no right to be in South Africa end of and to show just them makes me believe think you have another agenda white travel bloggers are so extra think there so well travelled yet you go onto Instagram YouTube there are many many black travel bloggers

  8. You let me down a bit on this episode. You couldn't find just one African entrepreneur or businessman?! You only happen to find struggling Africans and their slums and of course White entrepreneurs and businessmen?! uuuuuff!

  9. Really enjoy watching your videos. Do you think you can convert the local currency into US dollar or pounds for your viewers reference in your future videos? You may already have done that. Anyway, That will be a great help to get an idea how much it will cost for all the things you mentioned. 😊

  10. Thank you for talking such beautiful things about my hometown Cape Town I'm currently living in Sweden but I will always be a Cape Town boy there is so many people that is trying to explain what Cape Town is about but they can't get to the point but what this video I can proudly say you got all of the points that the world needs to know about Cape Town thank you once again

  11. Thank you for producing a great piece on Cape Town. Regarding your comment on mini bus taxis, they are regulated by various taxi associations and remain the most common form of transport for Cape Town's working class. As a Capetonian, I've used them on many occasions. I always recommend taking one to my friends from overseas just to experience what life is like for a majority of South Africans.

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