Carl’s Jr. CBD Burger Review (1 DAY ONLY)

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45 thoughts on “Carl’s Jr. CBD Burger Review (1 DAY ONLY)”

  1. They must be stupid if they think they will be the first in the world to try this. The creators had to test the food to ensure it is good. Many people had to go through the process. So they are not the fist at all.

  2. I had the day off, I'm an avid stoner. And I fucking missed this, I literally moved here 3 weeks ago and could've met you guys. Holy shit I was awake early too but my anxiety stopped me because my friend had work and I didn't want to go alone. Biggest regret ever😂😭

  3. Its mind numbing the amount of people who dont get that CBD oil has ZERO psychoactive effects on you. None, thats THC. CBD oil is a natural anti inflammatory remedy.

  4. 😂😂u honestly dont know that its the first time anyone has done this like my cousins would do that to tacos and their really good so u never know they could’ve done it to a burger

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