Carry On ONLY Travel; Minimalist Digital Nomad Packing List

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7 thoughts on “Carry On ONLY Travel; Minimalist Digital Nomad Packing List”

  1. the 55L bag, once fully loaded, is it small enough to be a carry on? also, the Tevas sandals, how are they against water? I have a pair of Keen sandals, didn't use it much, but the few times I used it, it got soaked in sea water. lets just say the seam split open. Keen only recommended I go find a shoe repair person. it was rather disappointing that at the price of $150, the quality is sub par. My back up $30 Costco sandals actually is more durable…..

    I used to carry 1 pair of long pants and multiple shorts when I travel to SE Asia. But ever since I discover the affordable long pants that you can unzip at the knee level from Costco, I have pretty much go with those for my travels. This was especially helpful during temple visits where it is required long pants and afterward because of the heat, the shorts is the better way to go situations.

  2. well If you don't like to use mac then you can also choose laptops with windows OS. ๐Ÿ˜Š In my country, teaching agencies have certain comp specification requirements like at least having an i3 processor and 4 Gig of Ram. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. We totally love or Osprey bag. Love that your bag is a convertible. That allows you to have two freakin bags in one. Totally love my MacBooks and love your smart packing tips. Great job, girlfriend and thanks for sharing the tasty tidbits. P.S. Love that camera strap.

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