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50 thoughts on “Ceaser Calls Out Donna | Black Ink Crew”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong , but I could’ve SWORN Donna said directly that she was at Bae’s dinner for BAE not CEASER . And Ceaser and Ted swung first while catching Alex off guard . Donna didn’t start this . Ceaser did this to himself 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. stop putting money in dey pockets these reality shows are fake and corrupting and you wonder why its so much evil and drama in the world .. this is what yall being brainwash thinking this is ok .. yall better wake up before its to late

  3. Call it Jealousy But from the Get-go Donna was right. Tati did not deserve her position the gurl is LOCO and Donna was done with being disrespected continuously disregarded for how many years she’d be on black ink then Cease has the audacity to jump Alex. For what? Then mad when he gets a lawsuit for permantely ending a mans life long career is he on some type of drug?

  4. Who else feels like they didn't fight… They probably just talked it out cause they will make it seem like sum went down until the actual episode come on just like with puma n turn out him n cease actually talked it out

  5. Caesar!!! You clown ass… you did it! Started it, man up ! You had more words thrown at you by randoms. Hold yourself accountable and stop contradicting yourself. Even after the lawsuit you still lack common sense. Why keep back tracking ? Because Your business will not prosper nor that cowardly show! 😑😪

  6. So what's the point of doing all of this reconciliation in public why they can't have small meetings amongst themselves? There's a time and place for everything. Throwing these parties and having people show up that Ceas don't mess with for real then say yall need to work it out ain't cool. You can't force people to communicate nor get along especially when that mess comes as a surprise every damn time. It's like seeing the person your gf/bf cheated with show up everywhere like a damn children's pop up book.

  7. Donna caused the fight……..but I thought it was cease and Ted stupid ass that jumped Alex?? Like what no you cause the fight stupid that’s what you did and now about you man up and go apologize and pay for Alex to get physical therapy stupid

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