Ceaser & Puma’s Friendship Timeline (Compilation) | Black Ink Crew

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50 thoughts on “Ceaser & Puma’s Friendship Timeline (Compilation) | Black Ink Crew”

  1. #TeamPuma From what they showed here he was really cool and a pretty decent friend. Now C’z did let the fame get to his head but I’m sure all that came from the puppeteer Dutchess!!!!! Donna should’ve whooped her ass a couple more times before C’z left her ass!!! So this new season I really hope the show gets back there true cast and make the show as popping as it used to be!!! Oh yea and showing less of Sky is always good in my eyes….but then I start missing her (sometimes)!!!!!

  2. People need to stop blaming Dutchess!! It's always a black woman fault 🙄 They already had issues and Puma was steady being childish. Puma didn't like Dutchess and Ceas didn't like Quannie!

  3. Yes!! Now it's Guy on the couch Ink (Teddy) 😂😂😂
    Ceaser should really make Teddy and Thoti get their own situation. He acts like Teddy is gonna always be his protector. Be a man Ceaser, make Teddy fat ass be his own savior cuz he's a bum!

  4. I dont much watch this show so i don't really know in depth the relationship between the 2 men. From watching these clips it looks like ceasar was always trying to be friendly and keep his coo and puma always come running his mouth talking crap, dissing ceasar at the party and act so disrespectful every meet they had.

  5. I can't completely blame Dutchess… She was there for Caesar and she was right that his workers treated him like a joke. Problem is, he was a joke, and never learned how to lead by example. Caesar STILL walks around yelling he's the boss without acting like it. Caesar always been like that, certain people just enabled him. Hell Ted is still enabling him…

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