Cessna Citation Jet Family

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5 thoughts on “Cessna Citation Jet Family”

  1. Agree with you quite often, Fab, but FOR ME, they are some of the ugliest planes on the market. The front looks like a Duck or a Platypus and terribly small cabin. Will probably get hate mail but oh well.

  2. The Citation jets are stunning classics. Tight, but beautiful smooth exterior lines. The interiors can often (sometimes) be a little too… ‘pedestrian’ looking. Although, that last interior image the you had was incredibly inviting. So obviously… I am, or rather was, wrong. Thanks Fabrizio for the video.

  3. Compare to the epic e1000,the speed the Capacity the Service ceiling the price is just the same. but the range is 3 times more than the sf50, So. Why they choose the sf50

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