Chartering Private vs. Flying Commercial

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45 thoughts on “Chartering Private vs. Flying Commercial”

  1. Big shouts to you Stradman from Australia. keep up the great work/fun. well it looks like fun to me. And, the baby Mac give away was awesome. we need something like that here in Aussieland.

  2. Is it easier to get into flying for private jets then flying for commercial? Thinking about taking flight lessons I been in the aviation field for 8 years painting planes and know alot of people. I'm 25 I'm curious what would be better to work towards.

  3. Dude ,,,You gave these people 21000 dollars,,,, , and all can brag about is driving up to plane, a spinning carousel seat and the pilot making a pit stop to TACO BELL for some Mexican food ?? For that kinda money they should've made a pit stop in CanCun or Tijuana for some real Mexican food ! And they shouldve made sure you got to LAX instead of you going in your pocket to pay for a Lyft after you just gave them 21k ???.Talk about insult to injury … SMDH.. Flying commercial is a bit of an inconveience i will admit… Id rather fly commercial and keep my 21000 in my pocket ,,, cause dude you got screwed BIGTIME !!!

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