Check out this cool Grand Design Travel Trailer RV Floorplan!

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42 thoughts on “Check out this cool Grand Design Travel Trailer RV Floorplan!”

  1. We just got our 2020 325RLTS last week. They went with a much better color scheme and added the day/night roller shades. King bed is optional but we went with a queen because it gives more room around the bed. We're getting rid of our F250 PS for a 350 DRW because the hitch weight takes us over the meager 2k pound cargo weight. The truck weighs 8820 pounds with full fuel, 2 people and 2 dogs. No gear yet. Bye bye F250.

  2. Almost the same as Rockwoods larger travel trailer. Actually it's the floor plan I wanted but it was too heavy for my Half ton truck. Even though all but one dealer was pushing it knowing what I drove. Still went with a Rockwood just Alot lighter.

  3. Great floorplan. We happened to have considered this trailer (vs. Reflection 5th wheel), but I just couldn't get past the toilet in immediate view when you enter the trailer. Yes, we could try and keep the door closed, but we'd need to leave it partially open for our cats.

  4. This is the travel trailer I have. Couple things I would change. One being the shades. Two is the counter to right of fridge. I would extend it all the way to end of wall. Third would be have a run quite ac. Fourth is the sky light over center island. Lets in a ton of lights and makes it hard to cool. It has three grey tanks! Oh, and don’t miss a turn. Not easy turning around that 38’ beast!

  5. You should check out the new 2020 color scheme. Much lighter interior. We just picked one up 2 months ago. We love it. FYI we have a 2018 F150 3.5L ecoboost and have no trouble towing or stopping. 😊

  6. Thanks JD. Always good Videos. Of course when you do one on Grand Design we're all over it. Travel trailer or like ours a 5th Wheel. Believe it or not I got the BOSS to even watch it. That never happens. Anyway, Thank for the amazing walk round or thru whatever you wanna call it. It was both informative and entertainin at the same time. Keep up the good work and keep cool. They tell us there are cooler days comin. They just dont tell us when. I figure Nov. 1st.

  7. Nice layout. When you get a chance to talk with the folks building these campers again can you ask them if they've heard of the guy over at Seems to me that he is tearing a lot of roofs off for repair for one reason or another and replacing them with a roof system that is far and away superior to what is put on from the factory. I can easily understand why the industry isn't using the highest quality materials but what bothers me is the way materials are assembled. Watch a video or two and you'll quickly begin to understand that the industry as a whole seems to know that once something is assembled and covered the faults on average aren't discovered until long after oftentimes major damage has occurred. What's the solution? Do we buy new and then take them to a shop like his (he says he's the only one in the country) and have them replace the roof and reseal all the seams top to bottom? Watch the latest video on his work on a Grand Design. Relying on a warranty from the factory doesn't seem comfortable to me. I like the model you show but damn, is it put together under the skin as well as it looks on the outside? 5 or 6 staples in an 8 foot run of seam across the roof , no or very little glue to hold the sheeting down, sheetrock tape ment for interior home construction on those same seams that should be protecting the roof material from chafing, vents advertised as good construction technique that vent from closed or no space and molding insert material either not used or of an inferior design that potentially allows water in instead of making it more difficult to penetrate. The list could go on and on. I know the more they work to build boats the more expensive they become but I gotta tell you, now I'm scared.

  8. You are mistaken. This unit is equipped to be used with a washer dryer. One of the only few on the market that this option is available for a travel trailer. Also the microwave is also a convection oven. I have this exact same unit that is a 2019. Hope this helps.

  9. On the one hand I can see the attraction to towing around a pretty pimp setup like this. On the other hand for the price of the RV and the truck to haul it, I feel like I could stay in 5 star hotel rooms within driving distance of anywhere I'd want to visit for longer than I'll likely be alive to do so. No jealousy, people can blow their dough on what they want, I just have a hard time wrapping my head around it.

  10. I think as long as you're smart with the cargo location, a half ton would be fine (although at the very top of what a half ton can tow). I got a dually when I had my toy hauler partly because of your channel and opinions, so I respect the better safe than sorry attitude.

    I've seen Ram 1500s tow 15,000 lbs 5th wheels and they at least make it a mile or two before breaking hehe.

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