Chicago Activist Breaks Windows At Nail Salon

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28 thoughts on “Chicago Activist Breaks Windows At Nail Salon”

  1. He said all people don't fall under the umbrella of being black and don't want no part of it until they have their own struggles and this is when they run to the Black community ask for black people to participate in their problems.

  2. Black peoples businesses a 1 to the 30 businesses by non- blacks. Also area, neighborhoods, culture of eating foods, clothers, beauty and hair products. Remember these enemies have 400 years of money, property, credit, division of culture evily over Black Americans.

  3. What he accomplished….. He accomplished showing defence! The racist nail shop did physical violence toward women. For what? Aaah " for the donkey holes ….for 15 or twenty dollars 30 40 50….or saying my nails or eyebrows not right..can you refix it ? The defender only throwed bricks on glass. That evil racist held a teen hostage. My ancestors were held hostage FK NO.!….

  4. Ronnie doesn't get it. She's the type to just hashtag something. Brother Tyrone took a stance and put himself ON THE LINE!!! I respect that and the caller was CORRECT!!! Sometime you got to put it ALL on the line. He busted that window bc the next step to that is….. that store goes up in FLAMES for the disrespect. I saw this happen in BK at that Red Apple Nails where they PHYSICALLY assaulted that Grandmother and her grandchild. The brothas wanted to BURN THAT SHIT DOWN and now I'm wishing that they DID bc these parasitic merchants need to learn that you CANNOT disrespect and align w/White Pathology in attacking BLACK PPL! Star TELL IT!! "Real Change Comes From BLOODSHED!"

  5. I really don't understand people this other cultures of people Chinese people are really racist I stopped buying Chinese food they moment I saw it the way the body language in the way they act towards Color people either black or Spanish they do not like you put emphasis on that b** what is wrong with people they just care about them about themselves if it didn't happen to me or so be it that's how black and Spanish people think and that's why they never accomplish s***

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