Chicago – Hard To Say I'm sorry (Lyrics)

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  1. Lover's listen,this world of ours has it's ups and downs.Sometimes you wonder if it's all worth it.Love isn't a tricky thing.Its an action thing.When you understand the meaning of what the heart needs,you put aside all pride,and you tend to that need for her or him.No,we're not perfect,but with trust and understanding,it calms some degree of doubts.If you got something good,hold on to it, tight as you can.Love has no boundaries if it's true.What's giving from the heart,is a special bond not even all the richest in the world could equal it's value.I learned the hard way,and now I'm alone.But it's ok.To have someone that you will literally give your life for,only to know that she'll be ok.Or to have someone that will cry with you,only because it hurts you to see them like this,that says so much.A woman's love in my opinion is like waking up with a big smile on my face.And she makes the world and everything in it a beautiful place.I thank God for her.Lover's show understanding with one another.Be open to their needs,when I say open I mean 'appreciation"that alone should be a gift we as men should give our Angels everyday.Appreciation.Its sad on my part because I no longer can be apart of this special thing called love.Only in my dreams of what I spoke of about love comes true.Thats ok, I'll make it.Take notes from a fool.Love do loves.Cherish it with everything you have in you.Because it's all good loving somebody and somebody loves you back and that's a fact.Teddy P….Lol no

  2. Love you so much miss you so much L still love you so much L still have strong feelings for you you know how much I love you so much L am still in love with you you will always be in my heart l still have feelings for you L always appreciate everything you do in my life time with you L am very sorry for putting you down and hurting you L always have you on my mind all the time I will never forget you and I for give you in my life and my soul and my ♥ l still love you yes you will never be forgotten in my life with you and me L love you so much L Will for get about us being together in the past times and good times with each other please for give each other again L want peace of mind with each other again you never will be for get in my life and my heart l love you so much love for ever and ever never stop loving you you are always on my mind Miss you so much Harry

  3. I am from a different Era world. I am 66 talking to my Dad 94 y said that those were different days life with value And honor. My Dad said " and you didn't know my times "

  4. my love sexy spicy beautiful Asian wife and my porn star wife forever and your porn star husband forever and I want said I am sorry all after we been through and I want make up to you I promise

  5. my love sexy spicy beautiful Asian wife and my porn star wife forever and your porn star husband forever and I want said I am sorry about it and I want make up to you and I want you to know and hold on to me and all we been through I promise to you

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