Chicago RV Show, Rosemont 🌹 Illinois

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8 thoughts on “Chicago RV Show, Rosemont 🌹 Illinois”

  1. Great show. My mom would sub teach back in the 90's for something to do, but she quit that noise because there seemed to always be teachers out and it worked into full time and she was good with that. She liked it though.

  2. Write a will…advanced care directive and taxes….ugh!! When you get Southbound out of salt….give your RV a good underbottom washing. It amazes me how salt brim rust trailers! Sort of like spring maintenance. Love RV shows!

  3. Hi Carolyn, Digging your “drama-free” channel. I was just wondering if you have considered the mini wood stoves for your rv? As I’m doing my lengthy research before I dive into my rig build, it appears these mini stoves (installed correctly) are safer than the electric or propane heaters… Stay warm! D.C.

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