Chicago (That Toddling Town) – The Georgians, 1923

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18 thoughts on “Chicago (That Toddling Town) – The Georgians, 1923”

  1. Love that photo @1:51. Very lively version of that old song, though at heart I am still a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker–especially when I'm not there. My native country, so to speak.

  2. @Trombonology I totally agree with you! I am also very sensuous to all these little and the more, naughty imperfections in modern films about the Roaring Twenties – especially, when they usually mix up the exceptional sound of the hot dance bands with that of a swing era. Yet, "Chicago" was close to perfection in every little item, including really big city flapper style of both hilarious girls – Renee and Zeta, as well as the yummy big gigolo impersonation by Gere.

  3. Hello Grzegorz – Chicago has always been a super fantastic place for me for the last 21 years. It goes without saying that Chicago has problems like every other big city – however – New York City – the undisputed capital of the world – at times – has to move over and give Chicago tons of well deserved credits of every kind!!! That band is sensational to the max!!!
    Have a super great weekend coming up!!!Thanks a million for this vid!!!

  4. Wacky (with all those horn muting effects), wild and toddlin' — and definitely anticipating the Flapper-period sound of a couple years later. Liked someone else here, I happily noted the inclusion of the CHICAGO film pic: often I'm not crazy about modern interpretations of the Jazz Age, as they are often full of anachronisms, but CHICAGO was very nifty as well as accurate in appearance and spirit.

  5. @romympanlilio I also stayed for some time in Chicago, with my family who lives in Winnetka area. There were in America only a few things more stunnig for me than the late September's sunsets on a deserted and silent Elder Beach.

  6. @dzheger Thanks D.! I just added a link to my newest uploading at Daily Motion and you are welcome to see it. Who knows? If things are going in direction unwanted by any of us, yet very much favoured by crazy politicians of today, prehaps I'll have to move out from YT, from the 1st of March? And – hopefully – it will be Dailymotion that will offer me and my archives a friendly retreat?

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