Chicago Vlog: Palmer House & STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2019 | Day 1

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7 thoughts on “Chicago Vlog: Palmer House & STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2019 | Day 1”

  1. The history of that building must be amazing. Chicago was Mobster Central back in the heydays. The Decor is just outstanding. I have never been in a Hotel that when you just pick up a snack your charged for it. Technology has passed me by I guess. What a nice place to stay. That Full sized X-Wing fighter was bad to the bone. We were trying to guess how much one of those costumes would cost? I am betting in the 10,000 dollar range, but if they were worn in the movies probably up to 75,000 grand or more. Look at all those people too. This is a trip I would have loved to go to. They just announced the new upcoming Star Wars IX Movie Thursday I think it was. It has Been awhile since I stopped in, great video Hope all is well, and thank you for sharing this with us. Rowe.

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