Chicago- with Bobby Kimball of Toto (1999)

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45 thoughts on “Chicago- with Bobby Kimball of Toto (1999)”

  1. +MrSteveUtah
    " Wish Jason would Leave Ceteras songs alone"

    Presumably, this was referring to Peter's vocal lines, as this is no more his song than it is the band's; it, of course, being a cover of the Spencer Davis Group tune, penned by Mr. Stevie Winwood.

  2. WOW!! Would have loved to have been at that one. I saw Toto Live in Indianapolis last july and Bobby was off the hook. What a perfect world it would be if they toured together just once. That would be the show of a lifetome!!

  3. LOL at the Jason Shemp comment…haven't heard that one. Look, Jason's been in the band 21 years, cut him a break. I do agree that he does have some off nights when he sings. Kimball was dug up last year to sing background vocals of "Caroline" on the ill-fated Chicago XXX. He is one of the best rock/jazz singers of all time.

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