Chicago’s New $5 Billion Neighborhood Plans to Host Amazon

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37 thoughts on “Chicago’s New $5 Billion Neighborhood Plans to Host Amazon”

  1. It Is Cool And All To See This Architecture, But I Don’t See This Benefiting People Other Than Paying More Money. It Won’t Even Help The Environment And Nature. We Really Need To Improve Out CTA Transit. It’s Not Good At All.

  2. Can they build it in a pre-war chicago style??? Make something that feels more midwest and less….China.
    Nobody will give a shit about theese glass boxes aside from the people who work in them.It’ll be empty on the week ends.
    C’mon Amazon you have the money to do whatever you want.

  3. Instead of wasting $$$$$$$ on this shit, how about splitting the cost of the project 50/50 between Chicago Public School System & Chicago Police Department. COPS & TEACHERS BOTH RISK THEIR LIVES DAILY, their families need $$$$$ & help in form of PAY RAISES!!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry not that impressed. When you put Chicago political corruption into the factor , you can expect half the project, double the time, and over budget.

  5. The 78 is no longer meant to host Amazon's HQ2, as the HQ2 search has ended. Related Midwest is still moving forward with the project, however; as construction on a main road has already begun.

  6. Haaa! “We’re broke af and are total idiots when it comes to money management – but let’s spend a few billion on new property development. We’ll call it ‘affordable’ housing and fill it will low income freaks that break sheet, punch holes in the walls, NEVER clean regularly (nasty af), chain smoke cigarellos, don’t pay their rent and are chronically crime-prone! We think this is a smart use of money that we don’t have now and won’t have in the future, driving us further into financial collapse. We are smart to have this development in the most crime-ridden city in the US, as well. We are the Dimocratic leadership of Chicago. Our record on financial ineptitude and soaring crime rates speaks for itself. How we continue to be elected, decade after decade, is truly beyond us.”

  7. I will Assume that a 5 Billion dollar project would include the type of skyskrapers would be more Unique than the ones to that are being built in Arabia , China and Japan in the city of Chicago !

  8. Se os vídeos tivessem legenda seria maravilhoso por que sou Brasileiro e só entendo algumas palavras em inglês, mais gosto muito do canal. Sou fascinado por arranha céus e seus vídeos mostram os mega projetos do futuro, por isso tem o meu respeito. Obrigado!

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