Chris Graeve – Renting vs Buying a house

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  1. The value of a house goes up so after payin mortgage off, you stay free in your own house which probably has higher value. And the renter will forever rent. Don't believe everything you see on the internet. People nowadays are being conditioned to do investing.

  2. Be smart… Only buy the Land; then use your credit card to buy Containers and convert it into a home. You can buy Land for as little as $17K (that is less than the cost of a new car.) Spend another $6,000 to $45K for the Container. If you buy the materials on credit, you skip the Brokers, Home loans, the closing costs, and headaches that go along with buying a traditional home. Peep some of the pre-fab container homes. Mann, them people living GOOD…without the $500,000 to $1M headache!!!

  3. Then when you are over half way done paying it off (even though truthfully, actual money itself is debt, your signature paid it off, and the loan immediately gets securitized [other Lenders buy your loan…] so you get fucked if you don't know the Law!) White people run in and steal both your house and the Land for little of nothing via auctions, and through bogus-Stock Market tactics and leave you homeless! They wait in the back rooms of Banks for your hard-earned down payment, then they fuck you financially, with no dinner or a kiss, stealling your property and leaving you in debt TO THEM for shit they NEVER owned. They use the same CON-tract for your vehicles with the help of KKK DMV, CRIP-COPS, AND KKK RUN IRS ! You sleep better paying rent. WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW IS, YOU CAN BORROW AGAINST THE RENT YOU PAY BECAUSE WHEN YOU PAY RENT, YOUR DWELLING BECOMES YOUR ESTATE……ONE IN WHICH YOU CAN BORROW AGAINST, BECAUSE YOU ARE HELPING BUILD EQUITY IN THE RENTAL PROPERTY! This info came from my Attorney-employer!

  4. The profit/loss examples in the middle of the video completely omits the loss from the $5000 down payment, interest on the mortgage payments as well as taxes on the property, which makes the calculus significantly worse.
    The points made near the end of the video are more sensible, though flipping is a risky business.

  5. With renting, the landlord does the taxes and upkeep whereas if you buy the house, it's all up to you because everything is at your expense. Some people must rent because their income is too low and mortgages are just way too high. They need to have a program giving that was on Social Security homeownership opportunities. There's a program called Habitat for Humanity but I don't know how they work. All I recall is many years ago they used to only help families and not single individuals who lived alone. Someone pointed out to me that was really discrimination against singles and you can legally do something about it. Well, that was back then and I didn't know but now I'm passing on the info. Even if you can't buy a house, you can inherit one

    When renting, if you've been there long enough in some cases where you paid the rent in full on time each month for decades and you've always been a good tenant, if the landlord actually sells the property they may actually end up keeping you and so might the next owner. I went through this and I've been through three landlords all without moving. If you set up online auto bill pay for all of your rent to come out in full on time each month, you just set it from your end and forget it. When making an account number, just have your house number and your landlord's house number or PO Box as your account number

    Another tip is if a single-family home has already been split into apartments, you're less likely to be asked to move under certain conditions. If you're a good tenant who pays the rent in full on time each month and you've been there for decades and you happened to be on section 8, it's not easy to get rid of a disabled person anyway especially if that disabled person happens to be a model tenant

    As for having poor credit, not every good tenant starting out has bad credit but maybe when you're starting out when you're young, you might have a lack of credit resulting in a low credit score. You can also be on Social Security, let's say SSI or SSDI. With SSI, you really don't have enough to be paying a mortgage. At least with rent, you can get on section 8 and they pay a portion of your rent can you pay depending on your income so it's a sliding scale. With section 8, the landlord can't just jack the rent the next day. I had a situation many years ago with a pair of men who had just bought the house but the one was more dominant than the other. They came to my door one day and I don't know why I answered because I don't answer the door to no one I'm not expecting. They've come to my door a couple times and one time they had a paper with them and made me sign a $50 rent increase. I felt I had to if I wanted to stay and not be bothered with moving since my place is full of stuff. Living alone and having no family I had no choice and when section 8 got this signed paper they said no on the rent increase and only gave them half of what they were asking. Then about the next year or two my rent I actually went down a little and they actually ended up losing money. The dominant one was finally bought out by the nice one and he's actually been a very good person. Some landlords really do care about the tenants whereas others don't. This is why you must find out early on who's who and make note of them. In fact I had one incident where I just started sending the rent from my online bill pay on the first of each month. I have had a few incidents where I was contacted where they didn't get the rent. My account shows the rent came out so the bank took it out and sent it. I have one particular threat from the dominant man who partnered with the nice one: I was told by the dominant one that if he didn't get the rent by a certain day that I'd be out very shortly after. Instead of arguing I stopped and thought and just perked up and said OK because I already knew the bank took that money out and sent it and all I had to do is call the bank and reverse the charge and then call section 8 W. proof the rent was paid. I dared the dominant man to come back and say they didn't get the rent, I was waiting eagerly but thankfully I never heard back but I was definitely ready to call section 8 and visit my bank with proof on there and that we sent the rent. There may also be a PO Box involved where the landlord hasn't checked his PO Box. This can happen if they've been too busy and haven't yet checked the PO Box to collect the mail. No fault on your part but if by chance it got lost in the mail then go to your bank and speak to the banker or the manager and have them stop and re-issue the check. Never ever pay cash or agree to it, if they don't take your form of payment then they don't need your business plain and simple. If this ever happens and you have a problem with your landlord then contact the homeowners association. If it's a health issue then also contact the health department. If you're on section 8 then one of your next calls should be to section 8 to speak to your case worker

    A mortgage might actually be too much for some people on Social Security, specifically SSI if you just don't make that kind of money. Then figure in the taxes, insurance, utilities and upkeep on top of your other basic needs. Some people just don't get that kind of money to be able to have a home, which is why some people must rent

  6. I rented for 7 years and got sick of it because I canโ€™t do my garden the way I wanted . And also I have a classic car which is my profile pic so I need my garage the way I want . I just work in a super market. One day I talked to a broker so he told me to save up 5% minimum. It took me roughly 10 months. Had a 4×4 sold it for $8k too. That time I had 3 cars but they not expensive one was around $1500, anyway I manage to buy first home and then after 3 years and 10 months I sold it and made $200,000 plus I paid $32000 of my home loan too. Next month Iโ€™m moving in to my big house and I mange to pay 30% of my loan, stamp duty was a killer . Look so far I never watch any videos or fallow any one , I did everything by my heart , always go with my heart . I think Iโ€™m not a bad person so everything goes really well for me . After buying my house thinking to go on a holiday for 2 weeks max. Iโ€™m proud . Always go with your heart be help full to others, luck will come to you . People telling me why you selling your home you can keep as a renting income and refinance that and buy a another. look like I said Iโ€™m not a investor or donโ€™t have a highly paying job , Iโ€™m still a supermarket worker . Good luck people . I recommend buying a home even far away from your work and itโ€™s feels like yours.

  7. This is a good learning too; however, in the first example, where the buyer ends up "loosing" $1,000? I don't see this. Instead, what I see is that the home buyer only paid $1,000 to live in that house. Where can you live in a house, for 6 months, for so little? So, to me, its a win win situation. I guess I'm a person that tends to see a glass half full

  8. First things first, Realtor commission is negotiable it can be 5%. Secondly, you don't have to accept an offer that is requesting seller pay closing costs. Third, majority homes go up in value over time

  9. Blockchain is about to absolutely disrupt the real estate industry. Tokenized commissions plus decentralized and streamlined process is all being done by something called Deedcoin. Highly worth looking into if you want to save money on broker commisions and support the blockchain revolution.

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