Christmas in the Summertime + New Zealand North Island Travel Vlog

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50 thoughts on “Christmas in the Summertime + New Zealand North Island Travel Vlog”

  1. Salut Rosie, merci pour cette belle vidéo. Pourrais tu mettre le nom et l'auteur de la musique à 8:00 ? Au passage bravo à ceux et celles qui ont fait les images et le montage.

  2. Wow I did not expect drone shots on this channel! New Zealand sure is a beautiful country, I wish I can visit it one day even though it's at the other side of the planet for me (I come from the land of Coeur de Pirate 😉 )

  3. Wow ! Beautiful video 😀 Happy new year, best wishes for this new year. Your channel grows so fast,8k not a long time ago we're only a thousand :O !

  4. Unthinkable for me living in a country where this Christmas was -20°C (-4°F) but I'd like to live this one day.
    And definitely, I ask you again …HOW ? How on earth can you go and live in Paris when you already live next to these wonderful landscapes !

  5. WoW! On veux toujours ce que l'on n'a pas! J'habite Paris, et quand je vois ces images de la Nouvelle Zélande, je me demande comment on peut avoir envie de vivre dans une ville aussi peuplée et polluée que Paris 🙂

  6. Thanks for the as ever entertaining and interesting video, loved the footage of NZ, which made me homesick just a bit, but I didn't really recognise where the footage was from, I'm guessing East Cape, Gisbourne, Bay of Plenty ? Think I spotted Rotorua and possibly Lake Taupo, just interested to know as I haven't been to some of those areas since I was a child and those lovely beaches, never at all !! Well done for avoiding the "typical" tourist locations !!

  7. I was an exchange student from Iceland in 2015. Located in Cambridge… always regretted not having stayed over Christmas and New Year’s… This video brings back a lot of amazing memories <3 thank you!! Gotta come back!

  8. Stunning! It looks so fab! It reminds me a little bit of the Northern California coast but totally unique as well!
    Argentines eat a lot of cold foods with mayonnaise for Christmas Eve dinner with fruit salad and chocolates being served just before midnight.

  9. Hi !! I'm French and I did an exchange in 2017 with a Kiwi correspondant in winter! It was the most fantastic 2 months of my life! My host family lives in Darfield, near to Christchurch. I went to school (year 12) and it was so cool to discover an other school system ! I went to west coast, Akaroa, Hokitika, Shantytown, hamner springs…and so more ! So many memories!! I am in love with your country!! The thing I would always remember is that you're so friendly (or maybe the pineapple on the pizza Ahah!). I did a Bungy jump from the bridge in Queenstown, I ate sooooo much (too much: more 5kg Ahah!). I really loved my trip, my host family, my correspondant, and the people…I feel very nostalgic!!!😍😍 Love NZ !!!

  10. Hello ! Merci pour tes explications et pour ces magnifiques images et prises de vue, beau boulot ça a dû te prendre pas mal de temps, bravo ! Au fait je ne savais pas que tu avais un drone ! Superbe la Nouvelle-Zélande est magnifique ! Biz !

  11. Now I dream of having a huge Christmas ice cream with lots of different flavours on the beach. And going for a New Year midnight swim in the ocean.

    Also it must be great to have all those celebrations with summer wildlife blooming and birds chiming all around.

    I'm jealous.

  12. We spent Christmas with 35-37C but we still drank hot chocolate! (with the ac on haha) so i get you with the "hot christmas" i'm from ecuador, love your vids

  13. It's difficult to imagine christmas in a summer time. It is so connected to winter in our minds but in the end its all about having a nice and joyful time with friends and family so it's probably even better to have it in a sunny and warm day. We don't even have snow anymore in the big cities here now so if i had to chose between a cold, windy, rainy day and summertime, it would be easy!=), i love your tree, it's name and it's story.. the red blooming… it's magnificent!
    Speaking of mgnificent… Ouah! New Zeland is jaw-dropping beautiful… so much different landscapes! Each one as beautiful as the next one… and it seems so peaceful =)
    Bravo pour la vidéo.. i've once again learned and smiled (You don't have new zeland chrismas songs?).. thanks! And hats off to the pilot, the shots were amzing!

  14. Can you do a video on how hard it was to become almost perfect French and how long? I also want to know if you received any hate from the French if you didn't have their perfect accent or pronounced something slightly wrong? Thank you

  15. My first Christmas in Hawaii was weird. I had never seen Christmas lights on a palm tree before. NZ looks absolutely beautiful! Happy New Year and I'll be waiting for the next video!

  16. This land has always made me dream, a lot of room, not too densely populated, awesome wilderness and montains… I drool over these images. Plein le cul de la France.

  17. Happy new year Rosie!
    I think I would feel so confused with this inversion of seasons and Christmas in summer…
    How was it for you, during your first year in France?

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