Chrome Macheto Travel Backpack Review | Big, Chunky, and Durable One Bagger

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13 thoughts on “Chrome Macheto Travel Backpack Review | Big, Chunky, and Durable One Bagger”

  1. I would say the hideaway on the back is for using the straps on the front for strapping thing onto the outside of the pack, you would then tuck away those straps on the back to avoid leaving them dangling.

  2. I think I have the version 1 of that backpack. Because the logo is red, and the key ring is orange. I like the space, but not the shape. I ended up switching to a Tom Bihn Tri Star

  3. Nice review Tom. Listen, any chance of you reviewing the Nomatic Travel Bag and the Tortuga Setout as I'm deciding on the 2? In all honesty, I take you and Chase Reeves opinions on bags, as the authority on such matters and I only have half the picture from him and none on those 2 from you and they're both very relevant if you're a digital nomad. I'd like to see your take on the improvements on the Setout over its predecessors and if they've fixed the quality control. Also, the Kosan 2 bag system has to be worth a review bro.

  4. Always look out for your vids! Could you review the new Tumi “Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe” as an EDC and the Compagnon “The Backpack” as a camera bag? Keep up the great work!

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