Cleaning Urine filled rental property carpet that should’ve been ripped out!

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34 thoughts on “Cleaning Urine filled rental property carpet that should’ve been ripped out!”

  1. I agree with you the carpet needs to go because the pad still holds the cat urine smell and always will. The least the landlord could have removed the furniture for you so you could to a good job.

  2. Still very nasty even if it was steam cleaned. Steam cleaning only deep cleans the surface of the carpet. The pee soaks through the carpet and thus entering the hard floor underneath. So basically the smell and urine will still be there. Great video, please show us when you empty the machine where all the nasty water comes out of. Thanks

  3. Recently bought a house we were not really sure on what to do with the floors but they were carpeted. Master bedroom you could see there were some stains and we decided to rip it up it was horrible underneath. We start ripping it up in the other rooms and the stains on the bottom of the carpet and the smell was insane but kept looking at the top and it didn’t look that bad. We are currently laying laminate down totally turned me off to carpet. 🤮

  4. Between the piss-riddled carpet and the crime scene looking mattress, I'm surprised you didn't suit up in a full hazmat suit instead of just wearing gloves. You did a great job. I would have probably threw a match in there and walked away.

  5. I love the hands free camera Miles! You are really putting in the effort, drive, and determination. I see it and I appreciate it. Thank you for all your hard work. You should be proud.

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