Cool KONE Scenic Elevators – Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

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23 thoughts on “Cool KONE Scenic Elevators – Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago”

  1. Last time I was there, I rode one of those, and it apparently had some air in the cylinder as it sunk down somewhat when loaded. They do also have door restrictors installed (likely since you could otherwise force open the P3-side door on G and fall out). The "fun" part was when it sunk down enough that the G-side door restrictor activated with the doors open, and I had to convince two or three people to exit the elevator so that the doors could close. They should /probably/ tweak the releveling on that thing…

  2. Nice looking elevator… but it's having door issues on the upper level. Either the upper landing door lock is sticking or something's messed up with the door clutch. There's gonna be an entrapment if maintenance isn't done soon.

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