Cosmopolitan Las Vegas renovated one bedroom fountainview. Room 6396

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10 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Las Vegas renovated one bedroom fountainview. Room 6396”

  1. Before the rooms looked perfect and now they are just something you can get at every other resort. Looks so dark and generic. Before the Asian theme and the bright colors made the rooms something you would not get at any other resort. What bothers me most is what they did with the entry and wetbar. No more appliances, no more tiled entry????? They said one of the reasons they renovated was because of their use after 7 years (which makes sense), but getting rid of the tiled entry isn't going to make the use issue any better. If you are going to spend $100 million in upgrades, choose better designers. A five year old can design better than this.

  2. Hey Cosmo can you pay me 100 mil to redesign this mess??
    Most are in agreement it looks worse with the remodel. With 100 million they should have spend more money making the one bedrooms and terrace rooms bigger and roomier rather than only focus on furniture. Also how about some jets in the tubs. The rooms look cheaper rather than more luxurious. Seriously Cosmo hire me I can still salvage this.

  3. I like the new position of the tv in the living room and the couch on the terrace. All the other changes suck. I have this room booked for Feb. I hope I get the old one.

  4. Stayed there the last four years and loved it.  This reno worries me.  I need a microwave.  Bar sink is nice but I can use bathroom. Liked the old wallpaper better.  The only improvement was the terrace furniture, that old blue chair thing was awful, I would drag the desk chair out to the terrace.  We always stayed on floors 50 and 51, nothing changed there as of Oct 2017, hope it stays that way. Thanks for the video.

  5. I agree! I think I'll miss the microwave. Wife loves Secret Pizza and would heat up the slice of pizza in the room. I ususally use it to warm up croissants I get from Va Bene.

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