Couple Builds Custom DIY Overland Truck for Long Term Off-Road Travel

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26 thoughts on “Couple Builds Custom DIY Overland Truck for Long Term Off-Road Travel”

  1. The Ingenuity of this gentleman alone is mind-blowing! And for the people that are thinking that it's not a practical RV, you're right and I do believe he didn't build it to be a practical RV. Nevertheless it is a very uniquely and well-thought-out machine that I would want to have if s*** hit the fan! Great job I enjoyed this episode very much.

  2. genius….
    So incredible. I'm amazed. Off to your channel to learn more details about this build.
    Many wonderful ideas, implemented in very interesting and thoughtful ways.
    I think that people would definitely be interested in having you design custom campers if you ever decide to go down that road
    Thank you for sharing. God bless you

  3. These guys have a great channel! I watched most of their vids twice. Jason is much too humble, he started his design and build with nothing more than "Google", Canadian creativity, a pocket knife (big) and hockey tape! And Kara is not just a trophy wife, she was side by side with Jason building this AWESOME rig! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  4. This is so clever. Amazing. Customized to your needs so perfect ๐Ÿ‘Œ. For my own need I would add a window as a bit claustrophobic but this is only me. Great great job indeed.๐Ÿ‘

  5. You did a great build! Another direction you might want to consider if you get the feeling you might want a bit more room .. would be to chop and extend the frame .. usually doesn't involve too much .. just add another driveshaft and extend wiring. Nice rig you have there! ๐Ÿ‘

  6. I'd want side windows with shutters for additional light and it would be nice to see your surroundings. A sunroof also for additional natural light…and access to the .50cal (j/k). Most of all I'd want access to the cockpit for a quick get out…

  7. This is a great tour of the build. I like the build so much trying to figure out how I'm gonna afford to build my own. I'm also trying to wrap my not so computer smart mind around how to do all the automatic stuff. You can tell this truck was built for a purpose and that purpose is for over-landing and off-road driving. He also picked a engine that parts could be found in different country's with out much of a problem. Most of the base engine parts (HPOP, injectors, LPOP, turbo, heads,block) cross over from Ford to International. Me as a Ford diesel tech would go down the same path engine and drive-train wise. I may change the transfer case to a 203/205 doubler with triple stick (to have more control). I'd also go with a engine mounted air compressor with a 12v compressor as a back up ( for times I'm camping and the engine is not running). The suspension hes running is a great budget route. Good ride with a lower price then swapping out the Air-Ride. The camper in my option is on point. I love the build style of it exoskeleton with the composite panels lite weight and strong.

    As for a bug out truck it would be great unless we had a EMP. The engine is ran by 2 different computers, now if the EMP would hurt it that's up in the air. Being a older diesel he could run ATF (used or new) engine, veggy oil (depending on outside temp), bio fuel and etc… The fuel list is way to long. Tires would be the biggest issue in a bug out scenario. They are not a common tire unless your local police have a set on there bullet proof trucks.

    Everlanders y'all built a great looking off road/over-landing truck. Y'all have givin me a lot of good idea's. I think Im gonna go with 200" wheelbase crew cab truck maybe make the sleeper a little longer. Keep up the great work and videos.

  8. This is one impressive Rig. With all the awesome features of this camper I have a feeling that this guy is actually Batman in disguise and on vacation! lol!!! Job well done for sure!

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