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  1. Wait Edmond this doesn't make sense. Why would other car youtubers be threatened from you making vlogs? I mean its not like we are going to stop watching others, DDE,You,Stradman,Effspot, Cleetus Mcfarland, Chevy dude, Send it Steve, Royalty exotics etc etc is just a small list of my car youtubers I share the love equally because you guys are doing things one day I hope to be fortunate enough to have an do.

  2. They don't want to collab or help support but they want to film in your shop for their own content. That's a damn shame! I really hope "they" will come to their senses! Every channel is unique and we enjoy watching more than one channel. Most of us are subs to "their" channels also and it is true, some of their vlogs get old and boring as fuk when they film the same thing all the time. Collaboration brings better content. They need to realize that!

  3. Respect man! Love your content, you’re killing it and love that you tell us that you hit the private jet most probably wouldn’t! Keep up the great work and love the savage vids!

  4. Good vlog keep it up bud and if the other youtubers think that you're a menace this summarize everything. You're one ! No other youtuber give away 250K+ cars without any buying ticket system or pro sub bs -_-' You come right in their faces and shake their world that's some real social media plan right there

  5. Imagine a young kid named Nick wins a Ferrari. He drives a 2005 Mercury Montego with tan interior. His life would be changed. He also works very hard in school and gets good grades, but now he is getting ready to try and go to college. So the Ferrari would definitely boost that confidence and make his life worth living.

  6. Hey man, love what you’re doing with the channel! I can’t wait to see it grow and reach 2 mil! It’ll be neat to say that I’ve been there since before 2k.

    Also, is the delivery for the Ferrari in North America or is it just limited to the US?
    What would happen if say the winner was located in Canada for example?

  7. You can tell the difference from your Chanel from everyone els , we can see where’s this channels going & that’s up ….. 2 million sub’s in know time awesome content thumbs up 👍 keep up the great work …

  8. I got your back till the day you retire YouTube Edmond you seem like one of the more humble super car YouTubers. ever since I seen you on dde I always wondered if you had a channel I'm happy I followed you on instagram and found your channel it's also sad to see that the other YouTube's see you as a threat to there channel IDK why people need to be like that maybe it's the fame that gets to them but I say help who you can because the more good you will help you in life and yea there will be those losers that use you and then back stab later but all the people that has your back would stick around just next to filter the toxic out I guess you will be the best supercar buissness channel

  9. Watching your channel makes me feel like when I started watching Salomondrin and it was all just about sharing the experience of owning and driving supercars, now it turned into a business and I feel like your channel is legit and that you are a very real and humble person. Keep it up!

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