CRETE (Greece) TRAVEL VLOG 2019, Part Two!

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2 thoughts on “CRETE (Greece) TRAVEL VLOG 2019, Part Two!”

  1. OMGGGG!

    I am So Happy and Proud Of You , I Started Watching Your Vids When U Had 500 Subs And I Have Been Supporting U Since❤️!
    You are So Creative , Funny , Energetic , Happy And You Put so much effort in your videos! You also are ( Unfortunately) Really Underated U Should Have Like 10 Million Subs .
    I Really Hope that you will make it even to 10 K one day , Until Then Il be here Supporting You♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. 100% unrelated, do you have insta? Also congrats on 3K! When youre on holiday (outside of Sweden) do you and tim deliberatley speak Swedish to each other to make sure people who are near you cant understand what youre saying?

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