Criminal Case: Travel in Time Case #11 – A Tudor Murder | A Stroke of Genius (1/5)

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33 thoughts on “Criminal Case: Travel in Time Case #11 – A Tudor Murder | A Stroke of Genius (1/5)”

  1. I have a wild theory-
    What if Nebet IS the traitor? She may be working with the saboteur and be from the Altered Present. Remember when we discovered her in our time machine? She might was there to mess with the circuits. As from the A Stroke Of Genius cover picture, Nebet is represented as Judas, the traitor portrayed in Da Vinci's "The Last Supper". What if Pretty Simple is giving us a hint?

  2. Okay now the cover art is starting to make question?. Nebet now from what i just read from several other's peoples comments here is she gonna remain loyal to the team or betray them wow?. :O :/ :O

  3. The cover art is getting more and more symbolistic from time to time. The featured art says something about the district as a whole, it may as well feature something about the future cases. This timezone's CA got us rumbled with thousand of ideas though. Why are we painted to Leonardo's "Last Supper?" According to my research, Leonardoi's piece deciphers the moment when Jesus announce that one of the twelve followers of him will betray him. Would that mean something to our team too? Would someone betray the team? This pattern is so cyclic, repeating, but remember CCTC did not have betrayals in the team

  4. Everyone knows Nebet is Judas in the picture, and Pretty Simple pit these giveaways so we would know something about the future.
    Is Nebet really like Judas? Lets find out

  5. My theory on the cover art:

    Personally, I don’t think Nebet can possible be corrupt. Why else would she have freed that Dudley from the stocks?
    If her position in the painting has anything to do with the storyline, it could be ANYTHING, good OR bad.
    There are SEVERAL possibilities:

    1: Nebet might be an illegal time traveler, OR

    2: Nebet might have been taken by illegal time travelers and then they returned her, OR

    3: Nebet might have been abducted by the illegal time travelers and forced to work for them, then she escaped from them and joined the team.

    Either way, there IS a possibility that she might actually be from the PRESENT rather than the PAST.
    I kinda doubt she’s from the present, given the fact that Cleopatra knew her so well.
    Could be from either era, though.

    In addition to Nebet, Orlando is probably the guy on the far right and appears to be talking to someone off-screen. Maybe a new team member later in the storyline?

    You never know.
    ANYTHING can happen.

  6. Theory on why Nebet is depicted as Judas in the painting:

    I think it's foreshadowing of what would happen in the next cases or districts. My bet is that Nebet was a time traveller right from the beginning. Explains why she learned fast when she was taught about the team's present.

  7. Even in the painting, Theo and Kai are still with Zara XD, and like everyone said, Nebet as Judas in the painting is really suspicious and scary but again, it could have nothing to do with Judas.

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