Criminal Case Travel in Time Case #29 – A Slice of Death | ARREST KILLER!

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15 thoughts on “Criminal Case Travel in Time Case #29 – A Slice of Death | ARREST KILLER!”

  1. Seppuku is suicide by disembowelment . It was actually a very honorable death in Japan for samurais at that time and they took it with pride.
    Tho, I do understand his motive, I'm not sure if his actions are justified, but I do feel sorry for him. Life of a samurai was hard at that era.

  2. Guys did you all notice one thing in S3 case 29 was in Japan and S6 case 29 is also in Japan and tbh Jyunpei shouldn’t have killed the Shogun ok sure he wanted to stop being a Samurai and live a quiet life but that doesn’t mean you kill your own boss

  3. I do feel sorry for jyunpei all he wanted to do was live in peace away from all the war and bloodshed and the shogun wouldn't let him and now for killing the shogun jyunpei has to kill himself saddening motives and saddening punishment

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