Crossing the Gulf Of Mexico in a Private Jet-Nothing but blue…

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30 thoughts on “Crossing the Gulf Of Mexico in a Private Jet-Nothing but blue…”

  1. Enjoyed the gulf coast flight! After which YouTube served up your French Valley to Monterey flight which was a special treat! I live a few miles from French Valley. And, the first night landing I’ve seen from you!

  2. When I flew for an air carrier last in '89 the speed limit below 10,000' applied only inside the three mile limit from The US coastline. Has that changed? You seemed to be more than three miles off Sanibel.

  3. The way ATC sounded you were flying into chaos on way to final. You made it all look easy. Mix in a bumpy ride at 41,000 and at 35,000 ATC chasing ya down to a lower flight level. You handled it all with the smooth finesse. I enjoyed the flight as always.

  4. Hi Greg. Thanks again for a pleasant flight.

    I can't believe P1 Rider is EVER upset with you, let alone for a bit o' bumpiness at altitude. I'd think, at minimum, the view would compensate for that. I'm sure she got over it.

  5. I thought he said number one with seven behind as well. You still got the preferential treatment over all. Nice update for sure.! Thank you for sharing Greg.!

  6. Great video as always! One question about the SID. You were assigned the LNDRE FOUR which specifies crossing DRSET at or above 4000 so what was the significance of the "RNAV DRSET" with your takeoff clearance? Thank again.

  7. Is Atlanta still the busiest airport in America?
    Anyway, great video and editing is very good. Could you show more altitudes or climbing rates in a small window some time, in addition to ground speed? Thanks.

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