Crows and Magpies travel over 600 miles for vacation

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36 thoughts on “Crows and Magpies travel over 600 miles for vacation”

  1. Great video, can't wait to see more! Lol, not bragging but I got a perfect score on who the birds were. The crows are easy and with the magpies I just knew by their markings. I adore them and wish I could have such a close and loving relationship with amazing wild birds like these. Your videos always bring a smile to my face!! Thanks.

  2. It is very true it's hard to distinguish birds specially
    if its hand raise however
    owners who has a strong
    bond with their birds knows
    whose who if they named
    them and bird knows too
    their names.

  3. As always thank you for this video and for all the love and care you shower these precious puffballs…I am just curious about when are you going to do the test to see what gender is spice..I know without a doubt in my mind and heart, that adorable little spice is a girl😊. Until then stay blessed stay safe and stay happy ..

  4. I had a parrot for 25 years and every time I traveled, I had to leave him home. I'd miss him and worry about him the whole time, so it's wonderful that you travel together with them. Thanks for letting us look into your lives.

  5. I can see you eventually having a big outdoor aviary with room for many more crows and magpies. Of course you would needs the means and since it would be a full time job, plus costs for food and veterinary care also continual funding. But you never know. Opportunities have a strange way of finding people who seek them.

  6. i think i'll be able to tell Peach, Maple and Cherry apart. I might have trouble with Spice and Pie though, especially when Spice gets older. Depending on Spice's sex, only size would set them apart i guess, albeit only to the most observant viewers!

  7. Very nice new video Dennis and Kullika ! I could ID Pie at once, and so Spice aswell – but the Crows are much more difficult to tell apart I must admit :-)) A good friend of mine takes her bird in a little backpack especially for birds , with window and all, even on walks , as long as it´s not too cold. It´s a Lovebird. One can see how much they enjoy living with you. If I watch a few more videos of yours I´ll be able to tell Maple , Peach and Cherry apart, too :-))

    My best wishes for all of you and have a great vacation!

  8. Peach-Plump, Okay Wings and Tail, Louder Call
    Cherry-Taller, Thinner, Droopy Wing, Quiet
    Maple-Smaller, Shorter Tail Feathers, Weaker Call
    Pie-Tall, Plump, Lower Pitched Call
    Spice-Shorter, Thinner, Higher Pitched Call
    …is that correct, or…?

    Glad you guys are having fun on vacation. 😀

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