Cuba Travel Tips: Where to Go, What to Pack, Getting Around & More! 2019

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32 thoughts on “Cuba Travel Tips: Where to Go, What to Pack, Getting Around & More! 2019”

  1. Great video. Very useful especially the part about downloading google translate on the phone – Spanish offline version. I am going to Cuba for the first time in Jan 2020 and unfortunately my Spanish is very limited.

  2. I just got back from Cuba. All of this is accurate information she knows what she is talking about for sure. I would recommend definitely not booking a hotel of the Casa particulars are the only way to go for various reasons. No extra guests in hotels. No friends no nothing. Do not drink the water.

  3. I've only been to 9 countries in Latin America, but Cuba is definitely the safest. Way safer than living in the USA! Also, important to know that you can not book an AirBnB room while you are in Cuba because of the US government embargo. You have to book the reservation before you arrive in Cuba, which is easy to do from the US. AirBnB or servers in the US will block you from booking a room reservation when you are in Cuba because they can tell you are in Cuba because of the internet server, even if you use a VPN.

  4. Loved this video ! You are beautiful, articulated the issues and edited the video perfectly !
    I will have only (1) day in Havana (Aug. 2019) coming off a cruise ship and will spend as much time as possible interacting with the locals. Because I am an avid fisherman, I also will be bringing my collapsable saltwater fishing rod to find some shore fishing spots close to Havana and leave valuable hard to acquire fishing tackle with some locals ! Thanks for your valuable advice Jenn 😍

  5. Great tips, my question is: What reason did you give to US customs for your trip, I am slightly confused about the difference for People to People or To support the Cuban people. The US site says you must have an itinerary, but I’m not sure how detailed that should be?

  6. Hi guys
    Please be careful with Airbnb I read an article talking about advertising issues and people advertising their airbnb with different prices, getting to the location and the host says they did not advertise anything. Be careful

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