D23 Announcements – Epcot – Avengers – Star Wars Hotel – Tron – Reaction Video

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28 thoughts on “D23 Announcements – Epcot – Avengers – Star Wars Hotel – Tron – Reaction Video”

  1. Ok so I'm going to get a few boooos lol , but….. I'm not a fan of Marvel being at Disney. I feel that belongs at Universal studios only…. The new hotel looks really cool. I wonder if it will be a moderate, value or high end resort. I'm in love with the Mickey runaway ride and the Tron ride. I'm not happy with the Epcot change. And what are they going to do with the walls of Legacy? My daughters faces are on there!! The Moana area won't be anything fabulous. Seems like it will be for the little kids.

  2. Just a comment on the gondolas and Disney springs – that will almost definitely never happen because it would consume the parking garages quickly for the parks AND they'd have to charge.

  3. More gondolas? No. This is the land of Monorails and People Movers. Sorry, but the Skyliner is and always will be a cheap , and God forbid, dangerous punt. Walt would be mortified.

  4. I don't know what to do think. I love Epcot, but I'm a bit worries about its future, seems like its going to be all Intellectual Properties. Which isn't what Epcot is supposed to be IMHO- Sunday Jen.

  5. I am glad we finally have the name for the Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World. My guess is that it will be done by 2021. I am also glad we have the name for the Marvel land at Disney's California Adventure. I only saw Phase 1 in the concept art but I am hoping for a Phase 2 announcement as well this weekend (even though I am pretty sure Phase 2 will be the Avengers E-ticket attraction that is also coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2023). Considering EPCOT will basically getting a new facelift at the front of the park and in the Future World section, I predict they'll also be finished with that in 2021 as well. There is still some more stuff that hasn't been talked about that I am hoping for like a Tomorrowland expansion for Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, and possibly an expansion for the Disney Skyliner as well. I have to disagree however that I can really see the system expand to Disney Springs, but I can't see it go to the Magic Kingdom considering they already have the monorail.

  6. There's a good chance the SW hotel will look like absolutely nothing more than a go-away gray box on the outside. It seems the design point is for no guest to ever actually see the actual structure from the outside in plain old daylight.

  7. I don't know bro. I'm trying to stay positive. I just don't get Moana in Future World. I know they are going away from the Future World classic theme, but Moana seems better served in Adventureland. Kinda looks like a splash pad on steroids. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

  8. Thanks Rob. From what I can see, Moana isn't going to be as big as you might think. It appears it's only going to go up to about where the cut-through is with Innoventions now. The greenery beyond that is actually that festival facility that has been talked about (it's multi-level).

  9. Got an invite to stay at the new Star Wars hotel… Minimum 2 night stay, 1000 per guest per night… Sure, they give you character costumes to wear and a "Role" to play, but I'm not sure I want to spend $4000 to play Star Wars for three days straight.

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