D23 Expo 2019 | NEW Details for Star Wars Hotel coming to Walt Disney World – Disney News – 8/29/19

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41 thoughts on “D23 Expo 2019 | NEW Details for Star Wars Hotel coming to Walt Disney World – Disney News – 8/29/19”

  1. Honestly, this sounds… not my cup of tea. Exhausting, like an expensive continuous LARP that goes on for a couple of days. All of Disney World is sort of a pretend environment, but at least you're not continuously within the kayfabe universe of one ride around the clock.

  2. This is just the video I needed. I was starting to let all the internet trolls and negativity influence my opinions and enjoyments of Galaxy’s edge and Disney as a whole. Your optimistic nature and tone helps remind me what Disney’s all about!

  3. My assumption is that you don't really leave the resort aside from a visit to Galaxy's Edge? Hopefully there is enough to do during your stay so you don't feel trapped – perhaps an ongoing narrative from start to finish.

  4. Promises, promises…although GE looks great, where is this significant immersive interactivity they were talking about? Troopers were already walking around Disney Studios, and IMO there should be more than what seems to be only one pair…no offense, but if the true interactive is going to be so costly, will the "well-off" be able to get into character? Again, Disney failed doing some research on how different classes of society behave… it's different to spend and be served, but spend and blend in? We'll have to see…

  5. Near lightsaber at3:45 (Hidden Mickey). I think thousands of dollars for a 2 night stay seems a bit much but maybe I am wrong. I guess it depends on HOW immersive, deep the entertainment goes. Also, since I don't live in Anaheim, I would feel like I am missing out on the rest of the parks if I were stuck in Star Wars hotel for 2 days. Maybe not for me (until I read reviews after it opens)

  6. ahhh I am so so so excited for this. Now I just have to save up about $5K… lol. I honestly am not a big Star Wars fan, but I'm a huuuuge space, space adventure, sci-fi fan, so I am just so excited for probably the closest thing to living a space adventure.

  7. This is priced like a Disney cruise? If I were choosing between a stay on the Halcyon and a stay on the Disney Dream, look for me at Castaway Cay.

    Didn't Disney make the same promise of lots of characters and aliens roaming around Galaxy's Edge? If you're lucky you might spot Chewbacca or a couple of storm troopers. Galaxy's Edge concept art showed aliens populating Oga's Cantina. Has anyone ever seen an alien in there?

    Although this hotel does look fantastic, I've always viewed a hotel as a place to sleep after an exhausting day of being somewhere else. Disney is making this hotel a vacation destination all on it's own. It's practically a fifth gate. Once you check in you don't leave other than the trip to Batuu which would probably happen on your second (last) day at the hotel. You don't leave the hotel because you want to take advantage of all the amenities you overpaid for. No doubt many of the experiences Disney is touting will be for an additional charge. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem spending money on comfort, service or something I want. Whenever I fly it's first class. I'm just not sure that staying at a hotel just for the sake of staying at that hotel is appealing to me. No doubt, there are lots of people this does appeal to and the experience will be worth the cost to them.

    However, on a positive note, if I were to spend a week in Florida after my Disney cruise, I might spend my first five nights at a different hotel and the last two nights at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. I can see relaxing in, recovering and enjoying this hotel after a hectic five days running around visiting all the parks before flying back to Texas.

  8. 3:44 I am just looking forward to turning off my phone, checking in and getting totally immersed into the Star Wars universe and living out my childhood dreams with my friends. Everything from training with a light saber to helping defend the ship against the First Order. This will be sure not to disappoint!

  9. 3:44 I'm actually looking forward to the interaction with the various "characters" there. I'll be interested in how they handle various real-world requests within this virtual world. I'm also curious what back stories these characters should have. It should be a LOT of fun. 🙂

  10. Heard a rumor that the price might be upwards of $3K for two nights. That would be $18K for my family of six. We could go to Italy for a week for that. We could bring two more family members and go to Universal and Disney, staying at club level for 10 days for thousands less. Sounds amazing but not at that price for two days.

  11. this is priced for the top 5% of earners and yet during the conference the Project lead was like "We want to make an experience for everyone"… delusional statement at these price points.

  12. 3:44 I would love the saber training and how it will all work as its something that has never been done, It will then add to your story if you aim to go in with the idea of being a trainee Jedi, I would also look forward to the "attacks" as it will add to the trip giving it the feeling of being on a real ship with real situations happening and not just floating about space.

    Love the videos!

  13. 3:44 I’m so excited about this immersive experience,but I’m worried about the cost! Do you think the cost will include food, like a cruise? I’m sure Disney wants to keep guests on property, right?

  14. 3:44 I have been dying for news about this "hotel" since I first heard of it, and a day to two ago, I read an article about it, but that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg! Jack, you got so much more detail about the "hotel". This is why your newscasts are the best!. I am most excited about the lightsaber training,!

  15. I have to say that I've gotten used to the videos on an almost daily release and wish you could do 3 or 4 a week. As a fellow creative production peer, I know the amount of work that goes into your videos, so I know my wish is not likely to see reality, but that's how much I enjoy your content! Keep it up Jack!

  16. 3:44 My favourite part of the stay would have to be experiencing the Star Wars cast members in full character taking you on a 2 night journey, I believe it will be like nothing else we’ve ever experienced before!

  17. 3:44 – I am enjoying listening to the audiobook for the newly released Black Spire Outpost novel and while yes, there's a lot of name dropping that is pandering to the parks' marketing folks, it does make me much more excited to see it for myself (in September!) because it now has played a very real part in a very real, canon Star Wars story. I am going to be interested to see if there is not an upcoming novel that will include a reference to the Galactic Starcruiser stopping by at some point, and the touching on the story that visitors are immersed in.

    I also wanted to say thank you for all the great D23 coverage, and parks coverage in general! You're a huge asset to Disney fans, Jack!

  18. 3:44 I am most exited for the role playing experience aboard the star cruiser because it sounds like a wonderful idea and adds to the immersion that you are actually on a Star Wars ship. Being called to help out the ship from the first order also grabs my attention because that will add to the the role playing experience and make guests feel like their special for getting chosen to help out the ship.

  19. Hidden Mickey 3:44 I am excited for the rooms and the Lightsaber dojo, plus it would be cool to see storm troopers walk by your room all the time or star wars characters in the lobby or the terminal part.

  20. I wanna hang out in a cantina type night entertainment venue in the evening on the ship. They have to have more than just dinner and off to bed in this hotel. The cruise ships have multiple openings for evening entertainment and given that you can’t just walk outside, they need to have something more to do…

  21. 3:44 – I don't think I will ever do the Galactic Starcruiser, but it excites me for further interactive experiences that may be coming to the parks (and other parts of Disney properties).  If this is successful in execution and monetarily, it could lead to a host of major, interactive themed vacations.  With Disney's vast library of IP, the sky is the limit to immersive two-to-three-night packages.

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