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  1. He heard you….What you don’t know is Dallas has been hiring Sikh and Muslim Police Officers. His hair and beard are their tradition, so there are many more foreign cops working in the cities now. That is why. They don’t like women anyway so you were insignificant to him……Anyway he was Muslim or Sikh that’s why his demeanor was what it was.

  2. Next ask funny hair guy about his family.
    Police Family Violence Fact Sheet
    Two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population. A third study of older and more experienced officers found a rate of 24%, indicating that domestic violence is 2-4 times more common among police families than American families in general. A police department that has domestic violence offenders among its ranks will not effectively serve and protect victims in the community. Moreover, when officers know of domestic violence committed by their colleagues and seek to protect them by covering it up, they expose the department to civil liability.
    SOURCE http://womenandpolicing.com/violenceFS.asp#notes

    However  the study is old. Currently active studies claim the percentage is now much higher.

  3. I don't know what the point of this is. They're doing they're job. It's stupid. Stupid questions. You look stupid. Your publicly trying to humiliate someone. You don't even know the story of why they're there. You act like your on drugs or drunk. BTW I'm sure they have heard about this channel. And when one department knows, they all know. You showing up wanting a reaction, wont work. Just remember that you might need them one day!!!! And they will know who you are!!!!

  4. Re: Why so many cops? They always need that many cops against one or two people.. because in the happy event that any of their "suspects" run – at that point EVERY cop on the scene is LEGALLY allowed to unload their arsenal because, "I feared for muh life". It's the thrill of the hunt ..the adrenaline of a green lighted sanctioned KILL.. and the knowledge that their actions seldom result in negative repercussions.. once they're cleared after being investigated internally. It's packs of Blue predator animals looking for the weakest prey!

  5. I used to love Carolina (Sob, sigh…)
    Even invited her Sailing! (She turned me down…)
    But she really broke my heart this time!
    She's running with the WRONG CROWD!
    Minnie Mouse Patric Roth is a fake, just like Johnny 5-0, and their fat sow gfs and that psychopath Brandt who needs to be put away in the Funny Farm for Life!
    All dam attention whores, provokers, baiters, broke-asses getting suckers to send them money!

    Click-baiting, Set-ups and Video-padding FRAUDS!
    They want Freedom to COME to the USA as much as Obama/Jackson/Sharpton want racism to GO away!
    THEY make the cops hate us! THEY HURT our Quest for Liberty and Constitutional Protection!

    They are arming the Enemies of Freedom and Liberty with INTEL!!!
    All they are gonna do is put money in their own panties AND GET REAL, PATRIOTIC, FREEDOM-LOVING AUDITORS JAILED!!!
    The FBI is gonna do a C&D Squash Campaign on them, charge them with Mail/Wire Fraud, Conspiracy and Racketeering, Child Porn (That's right! PORN!) and put them and their sows away for 6-9.
    Y'all really think the FBI isn't watching all this?
    End Result: The Good, Real Freedom Fighters, Best Auditors will be forced into The Underground AGAIN, and the Constitution, Bill of Rights Movement will be hamstrung and garroted AGAIN!
    (Wait for it: The insults and obscenities hurled at me…
    To ANYONE who sez "Bootlicker" to me, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!")

    God Bless America.
    God Bless our Veterans.
    God Bless the U.S. Marines.
    And God Bless the Honest Auditors and Support them Financially when you can.
    Have a Nice Day and Keep 'em Slimey Side Down…

  6. These cops are undercover. In Dallas that means if its within 5 miles of Oak Cliff the guys have been " under the covers" with each other. NOT THAT THERES ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT.

  7. I wished someday when you least expect it you get your sorry bitch ass kicked and you are found in a dumpster full of shir with your camera shoved up so far up you busted ass. Just for you always fking with the police. Get a job whore.

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