Day 1 of the trial of Amber Guyger

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14 thoughts on “Day 1 of the trial of Amber Guyger”

  1. Wouldn’t HER apartment be locked? Wouldn’t she need a key to get in? Wouldn’t she know what her own furniture looks like? She’s guilty. Very very fucking guilty. Don’t make a shit if she’s an attractive white woman. She KILLED THIS MAN IN COLD BLOOD. Why is it all of us can see she’s guilty? But the government is all on her side? That’s why I stay away from the news 🤦🏻‍♀️💀 this government fake as hell. Trying to blind us all. Put that bitch In PRISON.

  2. She was screwing that guy I believe but he may have dumbed her. Or she was mad about something he did that we will never know about because it’s between her and the guy. But she is very arrogant so she knew what she was doing when she killed him. You can tell she feels no guilt.

  3. This broad tryna dress sexy, looking like Yoda so she can get off! She shot him and worried about her job on the 911 call! The 911 operator didn't even try to tell her how to give CPR!

  4. The passion and anger is high but this was not murder. In order for murder to be proven you have to prove intent. This was manslaughter no doubt, his family should be gearing up for a civil suit but by that time she won't have any money from this waste of a trial.

  5. Tired huh? After surfing web Facebook pinterest sending MMS and 2 hrs of taking with your "partner with benefits" about being so horny. I guess laxed on the job and horny will wear you out.

  6. Thru today, it seems that Amber Guyger (AG) was more concerned with getting some dick than even thinking of trying to render aid to the innocent man she had murdered. Her AND her so-called partner, Martin Rivera (another DPD Officer), willfully destroyed evidence by each deleting messages between one another leading up to and following AG's slaying of Botham Jean. May Jean RIP and get the justice he deserves.

    Ain't that some shit? Brother was shot and laid there dying because this bitch was otherwise focused on some dick. A true whore. Bitch probably waxed before showing up to court. Fuck outta here.

  7. How is she a victim complaining about she's overworked but supposed to meet with her partner officer who she's having a sexual relationship with, AFTER WORK…. the media needs to report this extensively…. I THOUGHT SHE SAID SHE WAS OVERWORKED…

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