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  1. Thank you. This clears up a lot of crap i been hearing about sosua and has had me worried because i have a trip booked for February. I will make sure to stop by your spot for sure now. Youre a good dude.

  2. I stopped in at flip flops yesterday around 7 with my wife for a beer i would say the place was doing good there was only one single table open food was coming out people were drinking sports were on tv everyone down at the beach were having a good time

  3. Thanks for the info and advice, I really appreciate it. I have no problem giving the cops a few dollars as I hear they don’t make a lot of money. Is the internet good at the cheap hotels? Would u recommend COCO hotel?
    Do u know best airlines for lowest price from United States? Thanks again.

  4. Yo G… I believe I saw you in classicos Friday or someone was sporting a flip flops shirt! Then I went to flip flops Saturday for lunch!!!! Spicy tacos and service was great!!!! D.R. Ain’t dead at all…. love from philly 😎

  5. Yo G… I believe I saw you in classicos Friday or someone was sporting a flip flops shirt! Then I went to flip flops Saturday for lunch!!!! Spicy tacos and service was great!!!! D.R. Ain’t dead at all…. love from philly 😎

  6. Yo Flip I just got around to watching your video after a lovely 2 week stay in Sosua & I can definitely attest to what you spoke about. Sosua was lit even the 1 night Classico closed, so I truly hope that the naysayers & non-believers continue to cancel their trips because that means more for the brothers that believe like myself. It was great chopping it up with you ✌🏾

  7. good video greg tell it like it is theres not city in the world that doesnt change been coming to dominican for 15 years sosua for 10 havent had a bad trip yet november will be my 6 trip this year ,wings and fish tacos on point see ya soon

  8. I’m looking to visit but my only questions are related to the corrupt cops in DR. First is it true? 2nd is there a way to avoid cops trying to black mail me for all my vacation money & if they f*ck with me how do I get out of it without losing a ton of money. Definitely want to visit but seeing lots of videos online saying cops will try to take $1k-$10k from me because I’m a gringo. Is this true? Any info will help so I can decide to visit. Also have friends that want to visit but have the same concerns about the cops. The other issue is safety. Let me know, thanks
    Gave u a like

  9. I came to Sousa in June and we had a great time great party town none stop.People listen to people like me who been there great and safe place.Thanks for the wings Greg Flip Flop sell great food me and my wife we are coming back

  10. I was just down there 2 weeks ago for the 1st time, from the 4th to the 10th and I had an amazing time despite all the BS I was hearing. The strip was alive and well even tho it was raining that Friday night. Real talk a lot of these cats posting negative videos on Sosua are just trying to get views. They know that people love drama and people can be attracted to negativity…

  11. Look, Sosua is a seedy red light town, and lets not pretend it's not. Sosua goes on cycles and has done for the 14 years ago since I moved there. Sosua will treat you how you treat it. If you are going to go to Sosua, get too drunk, abuse the whores and get into arguments with locals because you feel above them then it is going to catch up with you eventually.
    The mayor does not want Classicos closed, that is wrong. The mayor has to be seen to want to have Classsicos closed to hold her position. The mayor needs to be seen to be closing down the whores, which is done for a couple of weeks every year while her sponsors have eyes out to see if they are making efforts, then it picks up again and gets back to business.
    This is not an 8 years thing, this has always been the case since at least 14 years that I know for sure, but it's been longer, it is entirely political. Yes I moved away from Sosua as the whole touristville cycle becomes extremely boring. Living in Sosua full time, year after year becomes extremely boring. Small mindsville becomes bad for the mind. Just look how folk react, just look how Mr FlipFlops repetitiveness has become 70% of content, because there is truly nothing going on in Sosua, or even on that NorthCoast.
    So yeh, Sosua goes in cycles, it's the same as it's been since it's been a red light whoring town. It's everything a sex tourist town is expected to be, dangerous is you're a danger to yourself. You're gunna get arrested if you disrespect the girls or the locals. And no matter where you go in the world, if the base attraction is cheap whores then thats a sure sign you ain't gunna find anything that's of any quality around.
    If you want excitement, class and security then you need to be going elsewhere.

  12. Brother, I'm always in Sousa and Puerto Plata, my wife is Dominican and Sousa is doing just fine. If some people can't talk shit about something you will notice they have nothing of interest to say at all.

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