Desperate Defense: Wooden Board

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28 thoughts on “Desperate Defense: Wooden Board”

  1. i feel liket hat is a really small blunt object…

    when i think 2×4 im thinking an eight footer…

    going for the legs and toes would make sense if it was the size of a staff.

    large sweeping motions at the legs. you either take out a knee or jab at the feet/ankles from a distance.

    just some staff training advice .

  2. preeeety sure the toe one would be if you found like an 8' board (probably still not effective, but the attacker wouldn't be expecting that)…. should've tried that, would've been funny to see you guys flailing a full sized board

  3. It may not seems like it, but the legs are actually a pretty easy target when you have a little reach. I practise Canne de Combat (french sport) where we try to hit each other with a cane-like sticks, and the legs are the hardest part to protect with your stick. You just need to learn to lunge quickly to hit. The hard part is not to get hit back in the head.

  4. Desperate Defense seems to be a book full of harmful advice… to the user. Last year we had a great course on how to permanently injure your hand with a lightbulb. This year we get how to annoy a pursuer and disarm yourself all at once! Seriously, with the exception of jabbing, all of these tips are the worst techniques for a great improvised weapon. True, the head's a mobile target, but it's less mobile than arms, and one hit to the head is all you need. Crouching down to attack the feet is exactly as stupid as it sounds.

  5. I think if the 2×4 was longer, the feet become more viable targets. Imagine the board quarterstaff length and then you just take a sweeping action at the legs. You could possibly sweep the legs like Johnny, also the ankle bones are super sensitive so I think that is a better target than the TOES….but forget that Trip toss.

  6. I love how they are using info from experts and instead of trying to defend the bad advice, they just call it bullshit right away. Modern Rogues take no shit.

  7. Tbh, I work at an optometrist office and we have a lot of contact lens patients that have issues with simple contacts. Best to leave the prescription diagnosis to the professionals

  8. The thing is, stupid shit like "oh throw it and trip them" is being told because in places like Canada, stand your ground laws do not exist. You can deal physical damage, but as soon as the government thinks you can escape and you keep hitting, you get charged with the same thing the assailant gets.

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