Did D23 Star Wars Footage Do Enough To Get TLJ Haters On Board – TJCS Companion Video

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21 thoughts on “Did D23 Star Wars Footage Do Enough To Get TLJ Haters On Board – TJCS Companion Video”

  1. What I saw of The Umbrella Academy was pretty cool but I didn’t finish it because I thought the villains were very underwhelming. They were like regular ppl but just really strong? Idk maybe later on they had a boss that was better but idk I didn’t like those 2 we all

  2. I am concerned that rise of skywalker is trying to do too much to "please the fans" at the cost of a good story. If indeed Palpatine is physically coming back and bringing with him remnants of his empire, then it would raise more questions than resolving them. People are gonna come watch the movie. No doubt. But my question is will it over compensate for the divisivness caused by TLJ?

  3. I have to disagree with John today. I firmly believe that every single move Disney/Lucasfilm have made since TLJ have been part of the bigger attempt at fixing things. Every single word uttered at every single convention. Every piece of footage shown. Even the title of Episode IX is an attempt to fix what 'fans' felt TLJ did to them and it's pretty obvious.

  4. Ah man, (CLARIFICATION on SupChat about Intermissions)- Meant to say, I imagine that your intermissions for TJCS are secretly just time for you to slip into an empty room to dance your heart out. Dumb joke ruined by not wanting to pay for more characters, My mistake. Got a good rant out of it though.

  5. Knowing Carrie is gone and that Leia’s story won’t get a proper finish, and not caring about any of the new characters leaves me tepid in RoS. I’m frankly more exited about Mandalorian

  6. I don't hate TLJ because I haven't seen it yet. The D23 footage wasn't enough to get me on board but I'm hoping the trailers will when they're released. If so I'll go and watch TLJ in preparation for RIse of Skywalker.

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