DIDN'T EXPECT THAT! Cool Upgrades on this Travel Trailer RV!

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42 thoughts on “DIDN'T EXPECT THAT! Cool Upgrades on this Travel Trailer RV!”

  1. I own the Rockwood version of this camper, my only complaint is the electric leveling feet, they only dampen movement in the camper. Scissor-style works much better.

  2. I would like to see you do a review of the Northwood's Arctic Fox 29-5T. The floor plan is one of the most thought out in the industry, similar to the older Terr y EX 305G. We had a Terry and the dealer had a hard time getting enough.

  3. I don’t know where to write for a question but here it goes as I know you are very knowledgeable about trucks. I have a 2008 Ford F-150 5.4 liter triton. At times right around 45 MPH I get what sounds like a grinding noise but I can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from. When I let off the accelerator it goes away or if I attain the speed of 55 it goes away. I was wondering if you of this scenario and what it could possibly be.

  4. I saw two Rockwoods today one was hooked on a Silverado 2500 and forgot other pickup other was hooked on glad came to this channel to write what saw when this channel was on my mind when saw those two they were nice on the highway.

  5. Ya, ive pulled a camper this heavy with a 1500. 2005 z71 ext cab to be exact. Did fine till a hill. Then its 2st gear at 4500 rpm going 60mph. Then the 2011 silverado with that weight of a 5th wheel. 2rd or 3nd gear at 60mph

  6. You known what I'd be interested in seeing? A completely balanced trailer with an axle on either end of it The front axle obviously being a left/right rotating wagon type, just like on a second pintle transport trailer. Zero tongue load, perfect stability. No porpoising, no sway. Tow vehicle weight perfectly adjustable for traction; maybe using a water tank. Because of the two pivot points, the tractor and trailer should also be able to follow a more perfect curve, reducing inside-radius cutoff that is most pronounced in fifth-wheels.

  7. Weird ass trailer… yea drop frame and the sure step.. that is about it.. The big storage space totally blocked off at the end.. only a newbie would buy that.. The wardrobe slide out being smaller and Schwintek is reasonable. I dislike and heavy Refrigerators etc. on any slide-out.. I would not buy a unit with a Schwintek… (as I have worked on them. but smaller is better if you have to)… and nothing w/ a full wall slide. MAYBE a 1/2 wall slide w/ a couch and dinette or table chairs etc.. Lite weight.. NO heavy equipment on any slide.. common sense.. ALSO equipment like fridges GAS or electrical. and on a moving slide???? where do those lines go when the unit is slid in going down the road>> um usually right up next to your tires.. what happens when/if you have a blowout?? Gas and electrical gets ripped out.. Just did an emergency repair to a 5th wheel. with a LP fridge line ripped off with a blowout a few weeks ago..

  8. Love your vids but that is 100% half ton towable! F150 top tow package is 13,200 that is plenty of leeway! I tow a 10000lb toy hauler with mine across country amazing ride and control! I highly recommend you try it sometime! (If you are ever in Nashville you can drive mine!)

  9. The front ACs on Flagstaff TTS are connected to the ducted system. Can be used for blast mode. One weakness of their outside kitchen is the strength of the shelf holding the fridge. They need some reinforcement, especially if you load them up like I do🍻
    Definitely love the suspension set up on ours!

  10. I-loved our rockwood signature ultra light for fit and finish and quality – best unit we owned in my opinion.

    im not a fan of this floor-plan at all however – i think there are much more functional rear living units if that is what you are after.

  11. We have a Rockwood (Flagstaff sister build on the same production line) 2909ws. It's our 2nd Rockwood and I can testify that the build quality is really good. No problems at all. That torflex suspension is really good.

  12. That entry side slide is humongous it is very large inside for such a small trailer nice spacious layout and the storage is really great on that and a decent price also

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