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  1. Excellent vlog and the food did look amazing especially the " pork chop " lol 😀😀 will give that place a try .. 👍 we love the Grand Floridian too, it's such a beautiful magical resort. Lindzi & Howard XX

  2. Next time you see someone who does not look ok, ask the server's… chances are they know the person, vulnerable people often look upsetting…. you should ask someone if they are ok, maybe offer to buy them breakfast?

  3. Hi guys, been going through all your vlogs… keep doing what you do.. your so entertaining.. and hilariously funny.. while still feeding out so much information 👌🏻❤️xx

  4. Hi guy. I am about an hour from Disneyland and am a pass holder and go quite often. I have never been to WDW and will be going for 2 weeks in January 2020. Thank you so much for your informative vlogs I can’t wait to go!!

  5. Another great vlog guys. Wow! The Grand Flo! …Think Its a tad out of my league lol ( Dunkin Donuts is more Me!! 😂) but I might take a sneaky peek when we go.
    Loving all your vlogs, you guys are gold xx

  6. Guys my wife and I wanted to say a huge thanks for your vlogs. We stumbled over them just last week and have binge watched SOOO many. Leigh you have the best expressions and Nick has a wicked sense of humour! Keep up the awesome work 👍

  7. You guys are so funny. That last part at the restaurant and after was pure comedy. Glad you had a good meal. Makes a pricey meal sting a lot less when it's yummy.

  8. So glad you enjoyed the meal and the resort. Sometimes Disney really gets it right. The food at Disneyland restaurants are even better. Come out to California. It will always cost $$$$
    Stop drinking that good champagne in plastic!!!! 😮

  9. Great video. Very Fancy meal at a fancy place. You two have lots of rainy moments during this holidays. April Showers will bring great May flowers for Orlando. Looks like Leigh had gone to heaven, when he was recapping your meal and night at the Grand Floridian.

  10. I just discovered your vlogs last week. I was in Florida 26 March til 10 April and you guys have really got me through the holiday blues, I’ve watched all the Florida vlogs from January aswell. I think use are so funny and down to earth. I especially loved the grand Floridian one cos it’s such a special place. I got married there 10 years ago and managed to stay the this year for one night with a dvc resale company so got it a bit cheaper cos it’s so expensive but worth every penny. I also stayed at All Star Sports for a week this time and would go and use the pool at grand Floridian. You guys are brilliant xx

  11. The Floridian reminds me of the Savoy in London. We had afternoon tea there and they also had a piano player. It was posh as well, but very nice. The Floridian looks huge and the view of the water is very nice.

  12. I've been away for a while, but have not missed a vlog! lol. Congratulations on nearing 5,000 subscribers. It seems that you are both receiving more visitors due to your Florida vlogs. Very happy and the videos, as always, are fantastic! I am so pleased that you enjoyed the Grand Floridian. And, yes, Leigh, the tap water in Florida is awful! (Unfortunately.) Hope you are both well and adjusting to being home again. All the best!

  13. I love how you live your life this was GRAND 🎉😙 I WISH I COULD BE LIKE. YOU BOTH I AM AFRAID OF CHANGES YOU DO BELONG THAIR YOU BOTH ARE JUST U K FABULOUS. make no mistakes 💝💝

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