Dinner Pandemonium, No Reservation, Lakeside Full-Time RV Living And Travel Vlog

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31 thoughts on “Dinner Pandemonium, No Reservation, Lakeside Full-Time RV Living And Travel Vlog”

  1. Hey love ur vids this campground looks so relaxing goil ! U guys should look up keough hot springs in bishop ca built in the 20's and they have rv campsites and regular tent sites and cabin tent sites and 2 mobile homes that sleep 6 people and in lee vining ca is a barbeque joint called bodie mikes they have the best food and if u guys go there also check out bodie ghost town i went there for my birthday 2015 and itcwas so awesome !!! And the hot springs r so relaxing goil u would love it

  2. I miss Oregon, NW so much…thanks so much for sharing all your adventures….God Bless…xo…you guys know so much and model how to do it in a group or several groups or a big family sanely. Feeling refreshed….just watching….you all look WONDERFUL…Aasia (sp sorry) , Panda Monium, has really lost..she looks so pretty…at peace…xo.

  3. Hello Scott and Teri. Not too much to say today, I'm tired from working on my rig all day in the 90degree heat. I don't run the air, Iam still plugged into my sister's house while I do my repairing. That area of the country is always nice. It reminds me of when I was stationed at Bangor Submarine Base, used to live in Silverdale. Well you be safe in your journeys and bye for now.

  4. I like your starting tune. Also like you 2 , and your videos , and all your group are fun to watch and wishing my wife and myself could join you all. Maybe in the future. Thank you !

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