Disney Cruise San Diego To Mexico Day 1! | Embarkation Day, Room Tour & Parties!!

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44 thoughts on “Disney Cruise San Diego To Mexico Day 1! | Embarkation Day, Room Tour & Parties!!”

  1. I got off the ship the day you got on. I live in San Diego and have sailed on the Wonder 4 times out of San Diego and yes it was hard to explain the way the boat was rocking!!! It was swaying in all different directions. Lol. We were Forward and I think to be honest I feel like being in the aft and forward there isn’t much difference.

  2. In any of the Disney ships Main Dining Rooms, you can order anything you want from the menu. If you don't like what you ordered (like Jen's Penne Bolognese) just tell your server and they will be happy to bring you something else.

  3. Jenn, the last cruise you guys did I cried when Mickey came out in Animators Palette, so don’t feel bad! Also, for some reason both times it has bothered me that they play Pirates of The Caribbean music for the Pirates in the Caribbean night but there are no POTC characters that are part of the show.

  4. I really recommend taking Bonine daily on your cruise. It’s non drowsy and it prevents any motion sickness- and I’m someone very prone to motion sickness on ships, planes and cars.

  5. You guys have gotten really whiny here recently. Not to say that you shouldn't criticize something, but say you don't like it an move on. Your vlog of this cruise was a little over 20 minutes and you spent half complaining about the food and the boat rocking. You guys used to be a lot more positive so I'm not sure what happened but I'm not a fan and will be unsubscribing. By the way the boat was rocking because you were on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

  6. Ribeye is the fatiest cut of beef. It's also the most flavorful steak because of it's fat. Prime rib is a Ribeye loin that is baked and sliced. I love your videos but you guys know very little about food to judge it.

  7. Soo military fun fact. My best friend is stationed at camp Pendleton which happens to be in San Diego California. So in case you were wondering why there was a big naval ship that would be why

  8. I love your videos. They're so informative and it's cool that even though you're hosted, you don't feel obligated to sugar coat your opinions. You're never negative, even when something isn't your favorite, but your honesty is refreshing.

  9. The only DCL cruise I've ever done was a 3-night on the Wonder back in like '09, and that FLEW by, so I cant even IMAGINE how fast a 2 night would go! I love San Diego – I'm surprised there weren't more Navy ships in port – there were always a lot when I'd go down there from Long Beach (where I was stationed) back in the late 70's/early 80's; Also a lot in Long Beach, which has since closed. As has Orlando, where I went to Boot Camp.

    I've heard from MANY people how fantastic those truffle pursettes are, and I've also heard the lamb chops on the buffet are NOT to be missed!! LOOOOOOVE Sorcerer Mickey – no winder you felt like crying, Jenn! 🙂

    Big hugs to both of you. and Bandit!!

  10. Woah awesome, this is almost the same cruise we just went on last month! (Ours was 5 days and had one more stop) It was our first Disney cruise 🙂 And you were right, Tim, that is a pull-down bed in the ceiling. I slept on it for our cruise, and my sister slept on the pull-out couch. The staff will open the beds in the evening and close them in the morning after you leave your room. I liked it, but there were times I wanted to go back to my room during the day and have my bed to crash in. Hope you guys had a lot of fun!

  11. I don't feel like, for most people, a two day cruise is worth it. I feel like it would have to at least be a 5 day cruise to make it worth it for me. I always appreciate your food reviews because I think I would feel the same way about a lot of the food. It's all preference, but a lot of it doesn't look that great to me. I am not convinced that a Disney cruise is worth the price, honestly. The food on a lot of other cruise ships look far better.

  12. I really enjoy your videos but man, you guys are super negative when it comes to food. Maybe try saying one positive thing after a negative? It feels like a constant critique from someone who prefers hot dogs and sweets. Kind of takes away from the vibe that brought me to you guys in the first place.

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