Disney Cruise San Diego To Mexico Day 2! | Palo Brunch, Tiana's Place & The Frozen Show!

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42 thoughts on “Disney Cruise San Diego To Mexico Day 2! | Palo Brunch, Tiana's Place & The Frozen Show!”

  1. Ensenada is okay but not the most amazing port so I probably would have stayed on the ship anyway and I have the tour in my queue to watch in a bit.

    Jenn, that highlight you have on is radiant! Love it. Matches your personality.

  2. Tiana's Place is such a great restaurant! When my husband and I sailed, we had a table right up front and really had the perfect view to everything! Watching your video of it put such a smile of my face. And we agree, we like Palo brunch more than Palo dinner. Looking forward to the videos on the next leg your next adventure!

  3. Jen you look amazing! Just love how you get to do all these things and we can follow along! THANK YOU for doing these videos! in 13.11 there is a bird that flew that i thought was a car who was going to fly off into the ocean!!!

  4. Such a great video! We did brunch on the Magic and we were there for 3 hours. It was amazing and completely filling! We then sat by the pool for a couple of hours to let it all digest. 🙂

  5. You guys looked really fantastic dressed up gong to Palo – such a gorgeous couple! I've never had a meal at Palo, but I think I'd definitely LOVE to do a bunch there!! Even more than a dinner. I[ve heard great things about Tiana's, and think I'd really like it too!! Loved watching you in the parade, So glad you joined it!!

    A lot of the motion of the ship not only depends on where you are on the ship, but time of year, and where you're laving from/sailing to. Looking forward to the comprehensive ship tour, sorry you had to give up your day in Ensenada to do that, but as always – appreciate all you do for all of us! Tim – Donald's middle name is Fauntleroy. 🙂 Both of you Goofy's looked REALLY good. I used to love watching the seals at Seal Beach – they are SO cute!!

    Big hugs to both of you, and Mr. Boo Bean Bandit!!

  6. You guys – Tim and Jen sacrificed going on land on their cruise because they wanted to give us good footage from previous requests. Just amazing, you are both the best ☺️

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