Disney World Locks GALAXY'S EDGE Immersion Behind $3,000 HOTEL PAYWALL?!

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41 thoughts on “Disney World Locks GALAXY'S EDGE Immersion Behind $3,000 HOTEL PAYWALL?!”

  1. If Disney hadnt shit all over the older fans(ie the ones with a lot more money and willingness to spend it) I would be into paying for an experience like this, but with one small caveet. An absolutely strict dress code.

    I see one pair of jeans or shorts, I want a full refund. Folk that wear real world clothes in there should be ejected.

    That said. Itll never happen.

  2. if you want me to fork $3K for a hotel night, this hotel better have an entire army of stormtroopers catering to everything i do. I mean bringing me from spot to spot on a throne, a buffet garden, and even reinact scenes from the movies

  3. Imagine the FRUSTRATION of working on the SW theme park, -knowing that SJW incompetents are running the film/story end. You're there with full, honest intent, awesome skills ready to go, and a small cadre of insufferable knobs are sabotaging everything.

  4. When I studied abroad a few years ago, a round trip to Europe was around $1000. Travel within Europe is pretty cheap and most of the museums are free. So with $3300 I could go to this hotel for a couple days or take a European vacation for a week. Even if the new movies didn't kill my love for Star Wars, I would still go with Europe.

  5. Disney: Oh boi, I really do hope the super rich, really like Star Wars.
    Rose Tico: I wish I could put my fist through this whole lousy, beautiful town.

    Also Disney: Canto Bight in the Last Jedi was very important to showcase how capitalism is bad and rich wealthy tourists and other rich people are also bad.

  6. OH NO!! "AAA" Video Game Whaling techniques have infected the REAL WORLD!!! Cut features that were promised to the customers, real life paywalls!!! Please tell me Disney World doesn't have surprise mechanics?
    Darth Vader: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  7. Disney didn’t release or say jack sh*t about cost, the entire expo. So that being said who said it? And if you are jumping of the prospect without verification train quit it.

  8. Even if you're rich, are you really going to pay for this? This is a lot of money for a very specific experience that I'm not sure a lot of Disney fans are really going to the theme parks and the hotels to get.

  9. I have some GREAT ideas that I'm implementing as well for the galaxy's edge and other star wars from here on out.

    Ignore them/it.

    New star wars X is coming out???

    Meh. Whatever.

  10. The funny thing is that the only people who'd pay this much are hardcore Star Wars fans.

    The very fans Disney have spent the past two years shitting all over.

    Gutted, mouse house.

  11. Some people say this pricing is unfair. I say it’s motivation to finish uni and get the best job I can so I can afford this. I will get there. (Yes I’m one of the people that lets them justify this kind of price but that’s someone else’s problem)

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