Disney World's STAR WARS Hotel Will Cost $1,000 a Night?!

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41 thoughts on “Disney World's STAR WARS Hotel Will Cost $1,000 a Night?!”

  1. Staying in the Regent Beverly Wilshire down the street from where I live costs starts at $750 a night and this SW hotel is more expensive. lol Yeah right, Disney good luck with that.

  2. I feel like this is just an excuse to use some extra space they had leftover, but didn’t want to theme the outside of the building. Just make a tunnel for the bus to drop off people, and it could be in a warehouse for all the guests know.

    If no one sees outside, ever, then you don’t have to spend money on the outside.

  3. So this is all just rumor? I've searched for official info and all I'm seeing is rumor.

    What exactly did Disney officially release? Just the concept art? I wish you guys were more clear on what Disney actually said.

  4. This is priced out to anyone but high-profile youtubers and celebrities who actually still care about Star Wars like Kevin Smith.

    It seems really weird structuring your entire business model around whales.

  5. 1000 a night? I worked at a hotel that had a 4 bedroom, 2 level suite, with a private pool, hot tub, sauna, dining room and pool table… and that was 1000 a night.

    It's an interesting idea, but this is ridiculous….

  6. Are we gonna see Leia Poppins flying by out the window cause that bullshit would be worth the thousand dollars! 😂😂😂 (oh shit I just got to the part where they mentioned space Leia WTF)

  7. If Disney is banking just on the wealthy to come to this then they have lost touch with reality.  The wealthy don't want to come some LARP Stars Wars hotel, they want to go to Cabo, Cancun, Hawaii, Italy or France, somewhere exotic, not Batu.  Star Wars nerds like myself are mostly lower/middle class citizens that see Star Wars as an escape, we can't afford this, unless we spend our entire life savings.  And even if the wealthy do come, they are going to do it what once maybe twice and you are banking on less than 10% of the population to make you a success that is finically crazy.  This has Epic Fail written all over it if the rumors are true.

  8. I mean if the hotel was also a ride like the ground shook when things happened, and there where star battles you could watch, and participate in, And you could keep the custom clothing I heard they planned to give you. And you got to take home one of the droids as well. Maybe it would be worth it.

  9. While this sounds cool, I'll never be able to afford this, I hope they adjust prices, or do specials after the initial run, but I doubt it, … must be nice to have all the dollars

  10. 3300 reasons to avoid Disney World. For $3300 you should get a special visit from one of Jabba's slave girls…if you catch my drift. A bus?! haha Bumping and rolling around corners, stopping and starting, brakes hissing etc. is JUST LIKE space flight! What a joke!

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