Disneyland Hotel Tour and Character Fun

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31 thoughts on “Disneyland Hotel Tour and Character Fun”

  1. Yes I have stayed there twice and one of those times was concierge level…was it worth it ? Absolutely for me it was… it is pricey and I felt very lucky to have had those opportunities….the level of service we received was excellent….thanks for another great job !!!

  2. Hi Jenna👋😊I love staying at The Disneyland Hotel. Thank you for the stroll around!💖Your interactions with Pluto& Chip were adorable! Goofy's Kitchen is a great place to eat and the characters are awesome💖The Big Thundermountain railroad miniature replica is amazing!

  3. love the character interactions especially when you asked to marry chip rofl! the thunder mountain replica was pretty neat i i really like the names of all the towers too great tour jenna thanks!

  4. Thanks for the web cast. The lay out of the miniature train was quite a surprise in that the detail was very extensive. Your looking at a lot of man hours of meticulous work which would indicate a labor of love.

  5. The hotel looks beautiful. I would definitely would stay there. The grounds are very well kept. It was nice to see the characters just walking around the hotel. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. I really enjoy your videos. I work in Epcot World Showcase Custodial and have seen myself in your 4th of July video!. I hope one day to meet you at the park. Keep up the good work. Jeff

  7. It looked amazing Jenna, thank you for the tour. I loved Pluto, and that he was looking for Mickey ♥️♥️
    65 degrees Fahrenheit is like 18-19 degrees Celsius for us in Scotland and I would consider that hot and I'd be right in that pool. When we go to Disney world in December, we always go to the water parks! 😊😊😊😊

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