Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge | Walt Disney World

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27 thoughts on “Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge | Walt Disney World”

  1. I can still remember binge watching everything disney related travel tips and coming across these videos while planning our first trip over a year ago. It always put a smile on my face. Until next time again!👌😎

  2. This they say on the video is almost as if you are in one of the African homesteads, I have never been to Africa or animal kingdom, but the atmosphere does seem very inviting and very elegant at the same time,  I feel that you may come across animals that you did not know existed or how they may have looked or different cross breeds that type of thing, very interesting.    Thank You.

  3. Why not call it Disney's African Village Resort or Disney's Slice of An African Kingdom Resort?
    The Disney's Polynesian Resort, is called Polynesian…..although it seems mostly only Hawaiian…..but you get my point….

  4. African feel? I get what they mean. But, that is still generalizing. I'm not seeing Nubian, Kushite, Tuareg, Ethiopian influences etc…… Its more like a taste of Africa, if anything. But, that's the same with the Magic Kingdom, when it comes to generalizing European cultures to. But, Disney is a white founded and inspired company so. Although with European Colonization of Africa, this ain't feelin so cool. Plus African themes in the "Animal Kingdom" instead of the Magic Kingdom…… IDK

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