Disney's Polynesian Village Resort | Walt Disney World

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34 thoughts on “Disney's Polynesian Village Resort | Walt Disney World”

  1. L O fucking LLLL how is this polynesian?????? It's just fucking white people trying to sell our culture, using it for their own benefit without RESPECTING IT! F*** YOU! So we are not supposed to dress as native american for halloween and black face is bad but yeaah let's juste disrespect polynesian culture, who gives a sh*t anyway?

  2. I went their when we they were building the rooms on the water so we got a nice view of contruction, and the beds were hard, but overall amazing food, beautiful areas. It Was really nice!

  3. You might as well just call it "Hawaiian Resort" cause everything is just screaming more Hawaiian than "Polynesian" i see no tongan or samoan influence anything for $$$$ i guess

  4. When you barely have enough time to do all you want to do at the parks, and the resorts you stay at still provide so many activities. Oh Disney this is why I love you I gotta take one month before I can accomplish everything 😂😂

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