DOCTOR SLEEP Breakdown! All SHINING Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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22 thoughts on “DOCTOR SLEEP Breakdown! All SHINING Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!”

  1. I dug it. Just enough nostalgia.
    I would have deep faked Nicholson in but oh well. And I wouldn’t have made him the bartender I would have had him still limping around the overlook with the ax looking for Danny and his Mom.

    Or a neat twist would have been the ghost of Jack Torrence actually saving Danny. Redemption for his soul.

  2. Imagine if Danny was able to overcome all the demons from the overlook when he returns as an adult and it undid all the damage and terrors they caused in his life, reversing time and making home young Danny again , leaving the overlook hotel with his mom and dad after their watch was up.

  3. The Shining 1980 movie is timeless art made by a film maker master. —- vs — Dr. Sleep 2019 movie is a Hallmark movie of the week made by a fan of The Shining..

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