Does Trudeau's use of private jet undermine his climate change stance?

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46 thoughts on “Does Trudeau's use of private jet undermine his climate change stance?”

  1. Yup elite of the world see us as useless eaters. We consume raw resources that they want for their future generations. They do not need us anymore technology has replaced humanity.

  2. At what point are Canadians going to say that enough is enough . . . . our ELECTED officials are in position to govern not live lives like Royalty and burning through tax dollars on trips, nannies, private contracted Chef's and other extravagances. They should start LEADING by example!!!!

  3. why even argue this…of course its hypocritical when the biggest carbon fear monger flies around the world every other day. Holidays here there and everywhere…booze, food…all on the taxpayer dime. THis guy…in his life, has not made a single dollar that wasn't from the public purse. He embodies one at the teet of society…suckling, constantly.

  4. Sarah Bain's feigned outrage was the funniest thing I've ever heard come from a Liberal pundit's mouth — what do the CONSERVATIVES have to hide????? Hee, hee, hee!! Sorry, dear, the whole country is still asking what does Justin Trudeau have to hide. From where I'm sitting it looks like a whole lot of things on a whole lot of issues.

  5. Ottawa to Florida 2,381 km one way. Ottawa to Victoria BC 4,832 km one way. How many family vacations has the average middle class gone on? Please be open and transparent when answering the question.

  6. All Trudeau does is dictate to Canadians how we have to cut our use of resources while he takes advantage of tax payer money. He is a fraud and a hypocrite of the worst kind. He should resign now.

  7. Can't you tell it's all drama. They're all paid to argue and show real drama but nothing ever change. Nobody is liable. They're all paid for the shows they perform.
    I'M VOTING PPV 2019

  8. Those Liberals sure know how to party! Weed, beer, wine, caviar, hookers, flying all over the place,and not a thought to the cost! I wish I was in on the action, but I just feel scammed!!!

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