Doing Laundry in Our Travel Trailer (Family of 11, Full-time RVers)

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10 thoughts on “Doing Laundry in Our Travel Trailer (Family of 11, Full-time RVers)”

  1. We all went WOWOWOWOW when you unfolded that compact dryer rack thingy.
    Two burning questions from our crew:
    1) Why do you have to put that plastic circle thing on top of the spinny drier part when you run it?
    2) Where do you put the laundro-matic when you aren't using it?

  2. Hello, I have a very similar washing machine. I do my whites first and then colours in one lot of water. I wash clothes and put in the spinner returning the washing water back to the machine. I use a bucket for rinse water and tip in slowly . I add a few cap fulls of vinager to the rinse water it is a natural antibacterial and fabric softener….Maybe this might help and it does make it quicker. Stay safe…..Love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Lol, you two are so darned cute! Just love your humor! …but this is also very interesting and practical. I love the idea of living on the road and it's good to know what works and what doesn't.
    …AND it was great to get a glimpse of your little sweet pea, Lilly. I'm a softy for that little cutie. God bless you all!! 💞

  4. I have a question for you about the churches that allow you all to use there electricity, do they charge you a set price to use there water and electric or does that all come with you're family entertainment you share with everyone? I am new here to you're channel and started with the older one's that show's you all talking about being able to park and live a couple days in the church lot's so I was just wandering how that all works out for you all? Great channel 🙂

  5. Happy wife, happy life is one thing my hubby still doesn't understand 😎 we're still happy most of the time!
    Now that washer is a nifty thing, especially with the spinner! Want to use less water: collect your rinse and spin water in a bucket and use for the next dirty load.

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