DOUBLE BRIYANI – Hotel Nila Puthukadai Marthandam

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49 thoughts on “DOUBLE BRIYANI – Hotel Nila Puthukadai Marthandam”

  1. லோக்கேஷன் சூப்பரா இருக்கு .சோறும் அப்படியே இருந்தால் செமதான்!

  2. Brother yeppa parre, 👉JUS SEE yaa irukeh JUS SEE yaa irukeh nehhh Sollathigehh bro kadupah irukeh keekumbothe so try to decrypts with anyother words bro because on all video's wen u taste any meats mines all ways 'JUSS SEEE'AHH IRUKEHH
    so oru levelkeh maleh the word keka👉 Narasam mahh kadupah irukeh bro kekaaveh and sorry if I'm hurt u naakeh bro we all ways love you both'
    and Brother's I'm from Malaysia and inggayum ningeh famous and vairal tha so brothers apperom yenna kaalakunggeh bro kaalakunggeh
    TC BYE BYE 💕

  3. Bro when we go to veggie no hotel provide good side dish but non veg coz we pay it’s good nowadays it’s not worth in veg hotel ur video mouth watering as always n u killed many 🤪🤪🤪

  4. Very disappointing videos. …me and my friends are hard core non vegetarians ourself…but we find it extremely boring to watch your videos for the following reasons 1) use of the same word again and again like wow and Vera level…don't you know better words in English? ? 2) absolutely no importance given to vegetarian dishes…I also eat and love non vegetarian….but to see the same biriyani and sea foods items repeatedly is extra boring …start concentrating more on vegetarian as well! 3) more of artifical acting and over doing in front of the camera by DR JAN makes the episode all the more irritating….watch other reputed food bloggers video on you tube like kripal ammanna and rakesh ragunathan….start learning from them if you want to progress to the next higher level….

  5. Bro neenga thirunthave matteenga meat kai la pichchu pichchu kamikkatheenga nu ethanayo thadava solliyachu yengalukku therium meat cook aidrukkunu neenga vera kaila pisiri kamikkatheenga

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